Cuccinelli Claims George W. Bush-Appointed Panel “abuse[s] government power”


    Anyone else find it kind of ironic? weird? amusing? that right-wing, anti-government fanatic Ken Cuccinelli finds today’s ruling by a panel of judges — ALL appointed by Republican President George W. Bush (see blockquote below) — an example of “abuse” of “government power?” Whatever else you think about this ruling, and about the name of the Washington NFL team, the LAST thing this involves is an “abuse” of “government power.” If anything, you’d think Cooch would be upset about the fact that the government has the power in the first place to grant patents and trademarks. Or maybe he should be upset about the anti-capitalist monopoly power granted to the NFL, its “communistic” (as Cooch might call it) revenue sharing, etc? Nah, so much more fun for a right wingnut like Cooch to rail about “political correctness” or whatever.

    Can you imagine if the team’s name was disparaging to white people, Christians, Republicans, Tea Partiers (e.g., how about the “Washington Teabaggers” as a substitute name?)? What would Cooch’s reaction be then? LOL

    The ruling was written by Administrative Trademark Judge Karen Kuhlke. Also on the panel were Judge Peter W. Cataldo and Judge Marc A. Bergsman. All three judges were appointed during the administration of former President George W. Bush.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Start silk-screening those jerseys and t-shirts, baby!!! Be ready for open-market free season at the loser practice complex in Richmond!!!

    • Harkov311

      A government body exercising the power it was duly given by Congress and through officials appointed to it by legal means is “abuse of power” now.  Just making sure we’re clear on that.

      In that case, was all your meddling with that UVA climate paper “abuse of power” too?  Just want to be sure we’re using consistent definitions.