For Del. Margaret Ransone, the World is Her Oyster?


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    Delegate Margaret B. Ransone (R) represents the 99th District in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

    Delegate Margaret B. Ransone is the daughter of Ronnie and Shirley Bevans, who own Bevans Oyster Company, Kinsale, VA.

    Delegate Margaret B. Ransone is an employee of Bevans Oyster Company.

    Delegate Margaret B. Ransone sponsored HB 648 that changes the dimension of the containers used by oyster harvesters, reducing the minimum size from 2,800 cubic inches to 2,500 cubic inches – a 10.7% reduction.  Because oysters are sold by the container, Bevans Oyster Company now sells 10.7% fewer oysters for the same price as before. Who benefits from this legislation?

    Delegate Margaret B. Ransone sponsored HB 1092 , that prohibits localities from exercising eminent domain to condemn privately-leased riparian and general oyster planting grounds that are under lease from the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC). This means: If a locality wants to build a public pier or other public facility over an oyster lease held by Bevans Oyster Company, they are prohibited from doing so. Who benefits from this legislation?

    Delegate Margaret B. Ransone had A. J. Erskine appointed to the VRMC. The VRMC regulates the taking and selling of oysters. Erskine is an employee of Bevans Oyster Company as well as a consultant to Cowart Seafood Company, Lottsburg, VA, a large oyster packer. Who benefits from this appointment? By the way — a few months ago a driver for Cowart Seafood was arrested in Maryland for transporting under-sized oysters from Maryland to Virginia. Of the 188 bushels of oysters on Cowart Seafood truck, 187 contained undersized oysters.

    Is this business as usual, or, is it conflict of interest??

    • johnnyb3

      Very happy to Blue Virginia covering a politician outside of NOV even if we don’t have much of a shot of winning this seat. Would love to get an update on that senate election happening in SWVA.  

    • MilkMaid

      Delegate Margaret Bevans Ransone is the epitome of Crony Capitalism.

      As a member of the House Ag committee she has never supported the Food Freedom Act, which would help people all over Virginia. She has had the opportunity for four years in a row to present it or copatron  it. It was first presented to her.

      Knowing that it would allow for watermen to profit from their own labors, it would hurt her business.  As it is seafood processing is very regulated and only the well established can afford those regulations.   She is protecting her business’ profits.