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Financing Responsive Government In Virginia


Dominion's Beneficence photo 140917VPAPDominion_zpsd270d10a.jpgCurious about who’s benefited from Dominion’s concern for Virginia’s political process, I thought I’d survey the contributions to candidates reported on The Virginia Public Access Project. Intending to provide a roster of recipients, it became clear that it is easier to list General Assembly members who have missed the beneficence.

    Members of the Virginia Senate who are not beholden to Dominion:

  • None
    Members of the Virginia House of Delegates who are not beholden to Dominion:

  • Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip), Jr. (D-48th)
  • Rasoul, Sam (D-11th)
  • Lindsey, Joseph C. (D-90th)
  • Farrell, Peter F. (R-56th)
  • Bloxom, Robert S., Jr. (R-100th)
  • Berg, Mark J. (R-29th)
  • Adams, Leslie R. (R-16th)

The range of contribution amounts ranges wildly from a quarter thousand to a quarter million dollars and seems directly proportionate to some combination of seniority and influence. The fact that the highest percentage of contributions (but not by far: 54 to 43) goes to Republicans follows that logic but I have not looked at trends over time. The “honor rolls” for both chambers will be presented separately.  

  • Matt_H

    Thanks for posting this and it certainly informs the readers who the true champions of the environment and consumers (voters?) are.

    I am saddened to see that my entire delegation from the “People’s Republic of Alexandria” are beholden to Dominion.  

    In this post-Citizens United world, the only marginally viable avenue to curb unlimited campaign contributions and the outright ownership of our government is to make it widely known who takes money from unsavory corporations, who have many interests dissimilar with the average voter.  I really wish that “my” Democratic party would run as being the party of good government, since there are no other viable options.      

  • pontoon

    are, I believe, why we hear nothing from our Democratic elected officials regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Well, I shouldn’t say, nothing, because Governor McAuliffe has wholeheartedly supported the pipeline.  Study after study is coming out linking hydraulic fracturing to contaminated well water.  Just yesterday a study was released from the USGS linking fracking and the injection of millions of gallons of wastewater into the ground to earthquakes in Colorado.  Here’s a link:  http://thinkprogress.org/clima

  • AnnaM

    Peter Farrell is the son of Thomas F. Farrell II

    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Resources.