Video: Barbara Comstock Runs Away from Reporter After Debate


    Utterly pathetic, what is Barbara Comstock so afraid of? On second thought, given her long record of voting for things like mandatory/government-enforced “transvaginal ultrasounds;” of voting AGAINST things like healthcare coverage for hundreds of thousands of Virginia and crucial transportation funding for her districdt; of participating in McCarthyite witchhunts; of being endorsed by extremists like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin; of defending the indefensible (e.g., Scooter Libby); of making outrageous comments like comparing immigrants to FedEx packages; it’s no wonder she terrified of talking to reporters and instead has her campaign staff run interference for her.

    • kindler

      Repubs like Comstock howl all day about liberty but then try to limit press freedom to cover them as much as they can.  

      My lord, how does someone expect to be a member of the US Congress if they feel compelled to run away from a reporter asking a few simple questions?  

    • fendertweed

      note the unctuous, condescending, phony smile of the oily PR flack (Susan Falconer she said? eeeuuwww), as she shucks & jives, oozing insincerity.

      She reminded me of a more veiled nasty version of “Bobbie Fleckman” in “This is Spinal Tap.”

      What a pathetic disgrace.