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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia political headlines for Wednesday, September 24.

*Airstrikes bring together Arab nations often at odds

*Bill O’Reilly’s Plan To Defeat Islamic State: A 25,000-Person Mercenary Force (“U.S. Naval War College Professor Tells O’Reilly: ‘This Is A Terrible Idea, Not Just As A Practical Matter But As A Moral Matter'” — Bill O’Reilly, extreme and insane as always.)

*Fox Economist Proposes Energy Plan That Would Increase Terrorism (Bass-ackwards as always…)

*The Benefits of Easing Climate Change

*Gabby Giffords’ ‘Nasty’ Ad Causes GOP Candidate To Embrace Gun Safety Law

*Facebook to cut ties with conservative policy group (“The social media giant in Menlo Park would be the second Silicon Valley giant in recent days to sever ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC. On Monday, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told a radio show that the company would end its membership with the group.”)

*Obama taking case for strikes against Islamic State to U.N.

*“Nasty, petty and ill-informed”: Tea Party hero Ben Carson’s looniest beliefs (“Neurosurgeon-turned-pundit says he’s likely to run for president. Here are the views America will see on display”)

*Schapiro: Flying high above the McDonnell aftershocks

*Can Jim Webb Run for President as the Anti-Hillary?

*Tim Kaine finds justification for airstrikes in Syria troubling

*Jim Webb says he’s seriously considering presidential bid

*McAuliffe: Va. is ‘going to have marriage equality’

*Momentum undone by troubling mistakes (“Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration have spent much of their first year sorting through their predecessors’ reckless dealmaking. And drivers in Hampton Roads have done what they’ve long been accustomed to doing: losing time and money waiting for the mess to be cleared.”)

*Simonds to challenge Yancey for House seat

*Roanoke civic leader to challenge Edwards in 2015 Senate race

*Portsmouth speakers blast City Council over auditor decision

*Arlington awards $26 million contract for streetcar work (Good, let’s get moving on this thing after decades of talking about it!)

*Suspect in missing U-Va. student case charged with abduction

*Nats get past Mets, but Span hurts knee after spectacular diving catch

*Rain likely late today lasting into tomorrow; nice weekend ahead

  • Dan Sullivan

    Virginia has a much better shot with the courts in the lead rather than politicians. But this isn’t a done deal either.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    It’s  fascinating to watch Jim Webb as he maneuvers himself into position for a possible run for the presidency. However, he may want to remember:

    1. He never would have been a senator for one term if there hadn’t been a robust and successful “Draft Webb” drive (thanks, Lowell). Also, George Allen being caught in his infamous “macaca” moment probably gave Webb the win in that election.

    2. A refusal to run for re-election to the Senate is not the first time Webb has decided to leave an office he held. He resigned as navy secretary because he couldn’t get Congress to fund the size navy he wanted.

    3. I have never seen anyone more uncomfortable doing retail politics than Jim Webb. He doesn’t like shaking hands with strangers and engaging in small talk, and people who meet him know it. (I did on the several occasions I chatted with him during his senate run.) It’s not that he’s snobbish; he’s an introvert, and it’s quite obvious.

    4. In his press club speech Webb complained about the lack of coherence in our foreign policy (a justified criticism I believe), yet he praised the “leadership” of Ronald Reagan. Webb would have to explain to me what great leadership led Ronald Reagan to involve the U.S. in a civil war in Lebanon, an involvement that resulted in the deaths of almost 300 of Webb’s fellow marines. I also remember that Reagan then suddenly pulled us out of that conflict with no consequence to our national security. So, why be there in the first place?

    I could go on and on, but I’ll end by stating that while I respect Jim Webb greatly and his potential as a leader in certain situations, I don’t think he has the temperament to be president. He would make a great secretary of defense as we reorganize the military, and his counsel would be a real asset to any president (if he didn’t get in a snit and quit when his advice wasn’t followed).

  • JimWebster

    Let’s hope he does for Pat Roberts what he did for George Allen. Link: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballo

  • Just “WTF”