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Map Shows Howze Strongest Along Columbia Pike; Vihstadt in North Arlington


Thanks to Ben Tribbett for the following map, which shows election results from last Tuesday for the Arlington County Board race. The color coding is as follows: Blue=Alan Howze (D) by 10%+; Green=Alan Howze by less than 10%; Red=John Vihstadt (R/I/whatever) by 10%+; Orange=John Vihstadt by less than 10%. So, basically, the anti-Columbia-Pike-streetcar candidate (Vihstadt) did the worst along diverse, relatively less affluent Columbia Pike (Rt. 244). Vihstadt did the best mostly in overwhelmingly white, affluent, large-single-family-home, northernmost Arlington (also folks who aren’t likely to be using the streetcar, of course). In contrast, the pro-Columbia-Pike-streetcar candidate (Howze) did best along Columbia Pike and worst in northernmost Arlington. Also interesting is to compare this map to the one Ben did of crossover voting, which generally showed the highest Warner/Beyer/Vihstadt voting pattern north of Route 50. Thoughts?

  • fendertweed

    if you include the very large orange area abutting Columbia Pike and the significant red and orange areas around Pentagon City & Crystal City you get the picture that it was a widespread vote in favor of Vihstadt.

    While there’s a more solid red zone in N. Arlington there is plenty of red & orange throughout the map.

    Which tells me that it was a widespread democratic sentiment that spoke, not one that can be played in terms of North v. South Arlington (a lot of the orange north of Col. Pike is in South Arlington).  

    North Arlington residents are paying for the streetcar, too, so they’re entitled to express their view at the polls (though IME many were not voting just on the basis of the streetcar, take that away and they still would’ve voted to put a different point of view on the echo-chamber Board to try to break up the circle jerk dynamic).   Those same N. Arlington residents have voted for any number of spending proposals over the years, which indicates that if the case for the streetcar was truly made, the result may’ve shown that.  But it wasn’t, and it didn’t.

    But that doesn’t mean I’d vote Republican for any state or federal office, the crossover indicates that people are capable of independent thought and seeing the difference between the County Board and other public offices, for which they (or I) are simply not going to vote Republican.

    I’m not surprised at what the map shows given the vote totals.