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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning (New Year’s Day)


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines for Thursday, January 1, 2015. I can’t believe it, and I know it’s totally crazy, but I’ve now been blogging about Virginia politics for 10 years, since I started the blog “Raising Kaine” on January 1, 2005. And yeah, I’m officially getting old! LOL

*Russia’s treatment of a leading dissident makes plain its worry

*The Palestinians’ Desperation Move (“Political actions by President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority this week are likely to make it even harder to create a viable Palestinian state.”)

Maryland Governor Will Commute All Remaining Death Sentences To Life Without Parole

*Exposing the charter school lie: Michelle Rhee, Louis C.K. and the year phony education reform revealed its true colors (“Charter schools promised new education innovations. Instead, they produced scam after new scam”)

*Jim Webb’s Defense Of His PAC Doesn’t Add Up (“In addition to the money paid to Webb’s family, the records show the committee only used about 20% of the money it spent to support its stated mission of contributing to political candidates and groups. The PAC spent over four times as much as it took in after receiving nearly $1 million in donations.”)

*Virginia Politics: A Shad Plank lookahead to 2015 (“The House looks, at first glance, a little more interesting. I count 10 Republicans representing districts that voted the Obama-McAuliffe-Warner line, including Newport News Del. David Yancey. But voters who go to the polls in Virginia’s odd-year state elections don’t always look like those who are motivated by big statewide races.”)

*A wish list for 2015: Learn from mistakes

*Rhetoric sharpens in debate over McDonnell sentence (His sentence should be based purely on the legal merits, guidelines, etc. not the fact that he’s famous, was governor, etc. And his sentence most certainly should NOT be based on anything his throw-mama-under-the-bus family has to say!)

*McDonnells face possible prison terms

*Prosecutors: McDonnell Is Not Sorry And Should Be Shown No Mercy

*Detweiler: The secret perils of fracking (“…the fracking industry has taken a position similar to that of the tobacco industry for decades – deny, deny, deny.”)

*Flu reaches widespread levels in Southwest Virginia

*2015 off to a great start: Sunny skies and mild temperatures (“But don’t get too comfortable. We’ve got a wet weekend ahead.”)

  • I couldn’t agree more.

    …Chuck Todd admit on his show this Sunday that journalists like himself cannot put tough questions to their guests, because if they did, the guests would walk away and not come back…

    Here’s a case of institutional cowardice that has grown to epic proportions and the victims are not only human victims of lying, but truth, itself.

    …Now, maybe this is what Todd means by “balance.” He’s afraid of losing his balance by being heaved off a balcony if he dares demand the truth.

    Part of the problem, Jason Easely of PoliticusUSA.com wrote, is that Republicans and right wingers can always fall back on Fox News. “It is a common practice for Republicans to avoid any outlet that will challenge their falsehoods and talking points. Republicans have Fox News, so unless they are treated like they would be on Fox, they avoid mainstream media interviews.

    “What people like Todd don’t understand is that by letting guests get away with saying things that aren’t true, they are permanently damaging the credibility of the press and fueling distrust of the media,” he wrote.

  • I’ll definitely miss Gordon Peterson, he’s a good one!

  • Based on his lates Facebook screed (they’re all screeds, pretty much), I’d say that Ken Cuccinelli’s Obama Derangement Syndrome is severe and requires treatment ASAP! (lol)  Seriously, though, only Cooch could somehow blame President Obama (absurdly) when gasoline prices were going up, then turn around and not only give him no credit when gasoline prices are falling…while claiming to read Obama’s mind about where he wants gasoline prices to go. What a freak (Cooch, not Obama of course).

    So, one of the last things I did in 2014 was to fill my gas tank for $1.99/gallon! I got the gas at “Liberty” gas station on 29 outside of Warrenton.

    I couldn’t help thinking how amazing it is that oil prices have plummeted as they have despite a President who wants them to skyrocket (like his goal for electricity prices).