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Video: Attorney General Loretta Lynch speaks on Charleston, S.C. shooting


Bottom line: as long as there are racists and violent people out there with access to guns, this type of thing will keep happening. So what are we going to do about it? I mean, when a mass murder using guns happened in Australia, they took highly effective action; since then, mass shootings stopped, gun homicides and suicides plummeted. So what about our country? How many more times do we have to watch, helplessly, as kids are gunned down at school, worshippers are gunned down at church, people are gunned down in movie theaters, women are gunned down by their violent male stalkers, etc., etc? One time is too many. Oh, and for anyone who delusionally claims there’s no racism in this country, here’s more evidence that they are absolutely wrong.

  • Jackson first argues we shouldn’t “jump to conclusions,” then…jumps to a conclusion, and a crazy one at that: the shooter attacked this church because there is a “rising hostility against Christians in this country because of our Biblical views” (utterly false of course, but the Faux “News” nuts call it a “great point”). Jackson also says pastors should be armed (e.g., more guns are the answer). Finally, this is most definitely NOT a “tragedy beyond human comprehension,” as Jackson falsely states. In fact, it’s very much in our comprehension: in countries without a crazed gun culture like ours, you simply don’t see this type of thing. Period. Not sure what’s so hard to “comprehend” about that.

  • I’m with Doug Mataconis on this, except that I’d add that as long as guns are pervasive in our society, shootings like this will continue to happen.

    I’m pretty much done with the people — and I’ve seen this both in the media and online today — saying that it’s “hard to believe” that something like what happened in Charleston could happen today.

    Do you not pay attention to the world we live in? Are you really stupid enough to believe that evil and bigotry and hatred have been banished from the world? It was only 52 years ago that a group of men set off explosives at a church in Birmingham, Alabama and killed four young African-American girls. Do you really think things have changed so much that there are not people in this country capable of such acts even today?

    Don’t be so fucking naive.