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Monday News: “Fall of the House of Bush;” Virginia Budget Does Not Expand Medicaid — #FAIL


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, February 22. Also, check out The Simpsons

  • Video: Lee District Town Hall- February 20, 2016


  • Max Shapiro

    I only come here for two reasons. To read your daily news compilation and see what coverage you have of Virginia politics that no one else does. Now why’d you have to go change your layout to make that more difficult!?

    • It actually should be much easier now, not sure what you’re referring to exactly. Also note — so far, the feedback we’ve gotten has been 99.9% positive.

      • Max Shapiro

        Only if you consider easier taking more clicks to get what you want. Its gone from going to your website and using the scroll wheel on my mouse to having to click around.

        • Now you can see tons of stories at a glance, instead of having to scroll down to see anything but the first story. I think that will be easier for almost everyone. Also, you always had to click on a story to read the whole thing (unless it was very short), so that hasn’t changed either.

          • Max Shapiro

            True, its a minor problem and I am just being difficult. But if you check your website daily or multiple times daily, seeing more stuff doesn’t mean much when you’ve seen it all already. I’ll get used to it.

          • Yeah, not really following you on what the problem is, even “minor.” To me (and everyone else I’ve heard from so far), this layout is a huge improvement from Blogger in basically every way. Not to mention the enormous increase in functionality, “back end,” etc….

          • Max Shapiro

            Before in 2 minutes I could read all the daily news links, I could see what was new blog post wise, read most of a new blog post and then see if I wanted to keep reading, and go from there all without making a single click. Now you see nothing but headlines. Sometimes simpler is better.

          • You can do all of that. Just click on the daily news links. Again, you had to do that previously if the blog post went into “there’s more,” so no real change in terms of # of clicks (one in both cases).

  • Current PredictIt prices have Julian Castro in first for running mate at 25 cents, Tim Kaine in second at 16 cents, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker each at 13 cents, Bernie Sanders at 8 cents, Mark Warner at 6 cents.


  • Video: In Fairfax earlier today, John Kasich says women “left their kitchens” to help elect him. What century are we living in again?!?


  • Two New Virginia TV Ads Highlight Clinton’s Lifetime of ‘Breaking Barriers,’ Commitment to Fighting for Equal Pay for Women


    Richmond, VA – Hillary for America today released two ads in Virginia, including, “Breaking Barriers”, which is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman and tells the story of Hillary Clinton’s lifetime commitment to breaking barriers. The ad highlights Hillary Clinton’s work on juvenile justice issues in South Carolina, exposing racism in Alabama and registering Latino voters in Texas, and her agenda to revitalize under-served communities. Freeman narrated advertising for President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. The 30-second ad is part of the campaign’s ongoing ad buy in Virginia, and will air in the Norfolk, Richmond, and Roanoke media markets.

    The second ad, “The Same,” highlights Clinton’s commitment to fighting for equal pay for women. Answering a question from one of her youngest supporters, Clinton makes clear that she will do everything she can to make sure that every woman in America is paid fairly. Clinton has fought for women, girls and families throughout her career, and as President she will continue to speak out for them, fight for equal pay, and work to raise wages for all Americans. This ad will run in the Norfolk and Richmond media markets.

    Both ads will begin airing tomorrow.

  • Dianna Richardson

    I just read the following from Pilot Online: Editorial: Another month, another climate record. First, thanks for including so many articles on climate change. IMO, it is paramount to be discussing and trying to do something about climate change because all other political issues are couched in how the world and its leaders handle human survival as the planet warms, i.e., destructive storms, shortages of food and water, mass immigration, wars between haves and have nots, new diseases, etc.

    I checked the comments section after the Pilot editorial. As usual, a few climate deniers monopolized the comments with “false facts” or “truthiness.” It is hard to argue facts with them because they are not in the discussion to have a true debate. The real damage their obfuscation does is either to confuse readers who don’t know much about the issue of climate change or to give cover to those who don’t want to do the hard work on this crucial issue by making it seem not to be settled science.

    • Yeah, the climate science denier freaks are super active in comments sections, and have been for years. My guess is some of it is “useful idiots,” but a lot of it is the result of ExxonMobil, the Koch brothers and others spending millions of dollars a year to fund climate science denial. Unfortunately, research shows that comments can impact people’s views of the article, so this is obviously not good. Note that I also see this on gun-related issues, even as 80%-90% of Americans favor things like universal background checks, etc. Hmmmm.

  • From the Virginia Senate Dems:


    Richmond, Va. – This afternoon, Delegate Todd Gilbert’s (R-Shenandoah) bill, HB773, over government nondiscrimination was conformed to Senator Bill Carrico’s (R-Grayson) bill, SB41, and reported on a straight party line vote.

    Said Senator Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria), “Even in this conformed state, this bill codifies discrimination. Courts at the state and federal level continue to uphold marriage equality, while Senate Republicans are tireless in their attempts to deny equality to LGBT Virginians under the guise of religious freedom. This bill would allow judges and civil marriage officiants to turn away lesbian and gay couples. To say otherwise is a misrepresentation of the legislation.”

    Said Senator Scott Surovell (D-Fairfax), “This is a step back from where we need to head as a state, and a terrible precedent for us to be setting. These are the same arguments we heard at the time of Loving vs. Virginia, and that is just not acceptable. We need to be moving forward, not back.”

  • Audio: “Morning Joe” team and Donald Trump have a lovely chat. Both Scarborough and Brzezinski need to be fired immediately.