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Sunday News: SNL on “Racists for Donald Trump;” GOP “crack-up has been a long time coming”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 6. Also check out the Saturday Night Live “ad” for Donald Trump.

  • Video: CNN Election Center Cold Open – Saturday Night Live


  • Quizzical

    The article about “This is how the GOP imploded . . . .” Is an interesting historical review but it kind of fizzles out when it gets to the present. Saying the conservative movement has “collapsed of its own weight” doesn’t mean anything to me. And I’m not even too sure about the part about collapsing or imploding.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right; we shouldn’t assume the GOP’s “implosion” until it’s actually a smouldering pile of ash. So far, it isn’t.

      • Quizzical

        It’s really hard to change and adapt to new realities if your leaders are in denial. And that’s the main trouble with Republicans. Starting with Reagan, the Republicans have clung to the belief that supply side economics works, that tax cuts pay for themselves, that any tax increases are bad even if it is to invest in infrastructure and vital emerging technologies, that we can even fight overseas wars without tax increases, that our health care system is the best in the world, that the root of our problems is big government, and that climate change is a left wing hoax that can safely be ignored. I’m sure that isn’t a comprehensive list. We all are going to be hurt if they don’t come to grips with reality.

  • Video: Chris Wallace hits Romney for “legitimizing,” heaping praise on Trump in 2012, helping Trump get “where he is now”