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“Super Tuesday” Primary Election Results Live Blog


UPDATE 9:27 pm: With 92.3% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 34.9%-Rubio 31.9%. On the Dem side, it’s 64%-35% Clinton over Sanders.

UPDATE 9:15 pm:  So, at this point, Clinton has won Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia; while Sanders has won his home state of Vermont as well as Oklahoma. On the Republican side, neo-fascist Trump has won Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia, while extreme theocratic a**hole Cruz has won Texas and Oklahoma. So…the media narrative will undoubtedly be about Marco-mentum, right? LOL

UPDATE 9:01 pm:  AP calls Texas for Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. House Majority PAC Executive Director tweets: “So far for Rubio: VA-2nd, AL-2nd, GA-3rd, MA-3rd, OK-3rd, TN-3rd, TX-3rd, VT-3rd. Not a good night if this holds.”

UPDATE 8:48 pm: CBS and NBC also projecting Trump the winner in Virginia. With 82% of the votes counted, it’s Trump 35.3%-Rubio 31.4%. Just a slight shift in Rubio’s direction since we were at 70% of precincts counted.

UPDATE 8:40 pm: According to SBE, with 76.8% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 35.4%-Rubio 31.4%-Cruz 16.9%. Close…but not cigar (Cuban or otherwise) for Rubio! LOL Also note that Kasich’s 8.8% of the vote, IF you assume a lot of that would have gone to Rubio not Trump, could have easily pushed Rubio to the win in Virginia. But nooooooo. Rubio – along with the “Republican establishment – must be really cursing Kasich right about now.

UPDATE 8:31 pm: Not that I trust Fox as far as I can throw them, but they’ve now called Virginia for Trump. So what does Rubio do now? So what does Rubio do now? So what does Rubio do now? LOL

UPDATE 8:31 pm: According to SBE, with 70.0% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 35.7%-Rubio 31.3%-Cruz 16.7%. Rubio will have to rack it up in the 10th, 11th and 8th to eke this out, but it will be tough. Very funny: according to Dave Wasserman, “In a shocking rejection of President Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s endorsement, Trump takes FOURTH PLACE (7%) at Liberty U.” Hahahahaha. Oh, and Clinton is projected by the networks to win Arkansas.

UPDATE 8:25 pm: According to SBE, with 67.1% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 35.8%-Rubio 31.3%-Cruz 16.7%.

UPDATE 8:16 pm: According to SBE, with 57.4% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 36.7%-Rubio 30.2%-Cruz 17.0%. As for the 8th and 11th CDs, the problem for Rubio is that there not nearly enough Republican voters in those deep-blue districts. So…most likely Trump will take Virginia. By the way, I agree with  that “If Trump were anyone other than Trump it would be over” for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination at this point.

UPDATE 8:10 pm: According to Dave Wasserman, “It looks like Virginia Beach might save Donald Trump from a loss to Rubio in VA. He’s up 38%-30% there, an important battleground.”

UPDATE 8:03 pm: According to SBE, with 46.0% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 36.9%-Rubio 30.2%. Still very little of the 11th CD reporting  and plenty more of the 8th CD left to report, so if Rubio can run it up there, he could squeak this one out. Oh, it also looks like Clinton has won Alabama and Tennessee (in addition to Virginia and Georgia), while Trump has won Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts and Tennessee, probably Vermont as well.

UPDATE 7:57 pm: According to SBE, with 39.3% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 37.1%-Rubio 30.6%-Cruz 16.8%. As for the Dems, with 49% of Virginia precincts in, it’s holding steady with Clinton at a 30-or-so-point lead — a massive victory in a state that very much mirrors the rest of the U.S. in terms of…well, everything basically.

UPDATE 7:54 pm: According to , “Rubio’s 46%-19% lead over Trump in Inside-the-Beltway VA precincts is by far his best showing *anywhere* to date.” Wasserman adds, “At this rate, there is a small chance Rubio could pull off a huge Virginia upset, *IF* Fairfax County comes through for him.” I agree, given that hardly any of the 11th CD is in yet and not much of the 8th CD, and that Rubio’s doing very well in both of those NOVA districts.

UPDATE 7:46 pm: Per SBE, with 30.0% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 36.5%-Rubio 31.5%. Rubio is demolishing Trump in inner Northern Virginia’s 8th CD (46.1%-19.5%). Rubio’s also doing very well in the 11th CD (parts of Fairfax and Prince William Counties) and edging out Trump in the 2nd CD (Hampton Roads), 3rd CD (Rep. Bobby Scott’s district) and 7th CD (misrepresented by crazy Dave Brat, formerly Eric Can’tor). Trump is wiping out Rubio in the 9th CD (far SW Virginia) and beating him badly in the 5th CD (Southside Virginia).

UPDATE 7:42 pm: Per SBE, with 23.0% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 37.0%-Rubio 30.2%-Cruz 17.6%-Kasich 8.0%-Carson 6.1%. On the Dem side, with 24% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Clinton 64.9%-Sanders 34.6%.

UPDATE 7:38 pm: Per SBE, with 18.4% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Trump 37.6%-Rubio 29.7%-Cruz 17.6%-Kasich 7.9%-Carson 6.1%. On the Dem side, with 20.1% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Clinton 65.1%-Sanders 34.3%.

UPDATE 7:32 pm: According to SBE, with 13.6% of Virginia’s precincts reporting, it’s now Trump 38.7%-Rubio 29.0%-Cruz 17.7%-Kasich 7.5%-Carson 6.0%.

UPDATE 7:28 pm: According to SBE, with 9.4% of Virginia’s precincts reporting, it’s now Trump 38.3%-Rubio 29.6%-Cruz 17.9%. And with 11.2% of precincts reporting, it’s Clinton 65.3%-Sanders 34.1%. Looking like a huge (~30 points) Clinton victory in Virginia.

UPDATE 7:23 pm: According to VPAP, with 1% of precincts reporting in Virginia, it’s Trump 40%-Rubio 27%-Cruz 19%-Kasich 7%-Carson 6%. Per SBE, with 2% of Virginia precincts reporting, it’s Clinton 61%-Sanders 38%.

UPDATE 7:16 pm: The Washington Post has detailed exit poll results for Virginia here. Among other findings, Clinton is leading by huge margins among Dems who want to continue President Obama’s policies, who want a candidate who can win in November and who has the “right experience.” Sanders is winning Dems who want a change in a more liberal direction, younger (17-29) voters, and voters who want a nominee who’s “honest and trustworthy.” Also, according to Andrea Mitchell: “Clinton won African Americans in VA by 82% say exits plus 83% of voters 65+; She won white vote but narrowly lost white men.”

UPDATE 7:10 pm: According to CBS radio reporter Steven Portnoy, exit polls show that “Rubio appears to have TWICE Trump’s support close in to DC.” Also, according to , “Virginia exit polling: Rubio wins college grads, moderates, women, under 45s, non-evangelicals Trump wins most else.” Virginia apparently “too close to call” on the GOP side.

UPDATE 7:03 pm: NBC project Donald Trump as winning Georgia. Also, according to this tweet, exit polls on the GOP side show it as Trump 34%-Rubio 31% in Virginia. In Vermont, exit polls have Trump and Kasich neck and neck at around 31%-32% each.

UPDATE 7 pm: Well that didn’t take long, as CNN and NBC have both projected Hillary Clinton winning Georgia and Virginia, Bernie Sanders winning Vermont (of course).

It’s 7 pm, and polls in Virginia are now closed. As usual, result will be available at VPAP and the State Board of Elections website (which will, most likely, crash as it almost always does – lol). Having said that, my guess is that on the Democratic side, at least, the race will be called quickly for Hillary Clinton, who was wayyyy ahead in every poll leading up to today. On the Republican side, we’ll see if anyone comes close to Donald Trump, and whether Marco Rubio’s attacks on Trump the past few days paid any dividends for him.

In addition to Virginia, click here for 538’s “Super Guide To Super Tuesday — Republican Edition,” and click here for 538’s Super Guide To Super Tuesday — Democratic Edition. Obviously, if Ted Cruz doesn’t win his home state of Texas, he’s toast, so keep a close eye on that one. Also, if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win Massachusetts, that’s really bad news for him. I’m also really curious what the margins of victory will be for Clinton and Trump, and whether they can effectively wrap it up tonight (or not). Anyway, should be interesting…



  • Southern Liberal

    Those Trump results are definitely typical of Southside Virginia, where I’m at. Rural and highly conservative area.

  • Statement from Arlington County Democratic Committee Chair Kip Malinosky:

    Virginia Democrats have now had their say and we congratulate Hillary Clinton on her victory in today’s primary! And we thank Bernie Sanders as well for continuing to run a strong, issue-focused campaign.

    As Democrats, we can be extremely proud of our candidates. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are shining a spotlight on the issues that really matter—issues like income inequality, climate change, health care, and education. And they are offering positive ideas to help keep our country moving forward. Their inclusive, welcoming vision for America inspires us all to be the best we can be. With strong candidates like these we can’t help but be excited for November!

    But Virginians also voted overwhelmingly today for Donald Trump and he is well on his way to winning the Republican nomination for president. With his victories tonight, Donald Trump is increasingly likely to be the GOP nominee.

    To that we say, game on! The contrast between our progressive candidates and Mr. Trump could not be clearer. His views are far outside the mainstream of American politics. While our candidates appeal to our best hopes and dreams, Mr. Trump appeals to America’s baser fears. With a message consistent with America’s real values, our Democratic candidates are generating excitement without resorting to insults, dirty tricks, fear tactics, or reality TV-style sensationalism.

    Over the next six months, we will have our work cut out for us. We cannot take this election for granted. We are going to fight for every vote. But we know this: Whether our standard bearer is Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, we are ready to win in November! Tonight, it feels good to be a Democrat!

  • Kindler

    Boy the GOP has really screwed itself. The guy with only 35% of the vote didn’t have to be the winner if this Keystone KKK could get its act together.

  • DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on Super Tuesday:

    “As expected, tonight Donald Trump continued to tighten his grip on the Republican nomination. The GOP establishment can try to run away from him, but they were the architects of the ugly and divisive politics that are fueling his rise. Tonight’s results mean that a man who wavers on whether or not to disavow the KKK is one step closer to becoming the Republican Party’s standard-bearer. It’s hard to imagine an erratic and irrational demagogue like Donald Trump picking Supreme Court justices.

    “Furthermore, the Republican Party’s obsession with economically devastating tax cuts for the few at the very top, and their constant obstructionism, have alienated the vast majority of Americans. It’s becoming clearer every day that we must elect a Democrat as the 45th President of the United States to keep Republicans from dragging our country backward.

    “As results continue to come in from across the country, I want to congratulate both of our Democratic presidential candidates and their campaigns for their hard work engaging and energizing voters throughout the Super Tuesday states. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have campaigned directly on the issues that matter most to the American people. They’ve offered smart and substantive visions for moving our country forward, and they continue to show that they have the right priorities and the temperament to serve as commander in chief.”

  • Brendan

    This map kind of explains it all on the R side… poor, devout working class republican party vs. the country club side of the party….

    • Yes, although it doesn’t necessarily explain why Ted Cruz did so poorly among fundamentalist Christians.

      • Brendan

        Yea, I think Virginia is a tough state for Cruz… Not southern enough for him to play the crazy over the top right wing evangelical. I’d also like to think, despite Trump’s showing and the Brat phenomenon, that most VA Republicans aren’t the dumbed down, extreme right, circus clown demographic Cruz plays to and even the ones that are have managed to sniff out his bullshit.

        • Remember, 45% of Virginia Republicans voted for freakin’ bats****-crazy EW Jackson over Ralph Northam in 2013, so…no, they are as “dumbed down, extreme right, circus clown” as we all fear.

  • Video: “The Republicans Who Are Desperate To Take Donald Trump Down Are The Same People Who Built Him Up”