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Thursday News: “Is Donald Trump a Racist?” is Not a Difficult Question to Answer; “Unusual process for choosing Virginia’s judges”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 10. By the way, I’m not sure why Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders can’t just answer the question about Trump being a racist and saying that yes, duh, he’s a virulent racist. Is that not glaringly obvious???

  • Randy Forbes (R-whatever district he thinks he can win) brags about award by anti-LGBT extremist group. What else is there to say about Forbes, except that Democrats had better come up with a strong candidate to run against him in the 2nd CD this year. So far, I’ve heard that Jody Wagner is not running; haven’t heard anyone who IS running in this “purple” district. Anytime now…


  • From the Virginia Senate Dem Caucus:


    Less than twenty-four hours elapsed between surprise nomination and confirmation

    RICHMOND — Speaking on behalf of his Democratic colleagues in the Virginia Senate, Caucus Chair Sen. Donald McEachin (D – Henrico) made the following statement on Judge Stephen R. McCullough’s confirmation to the Supreme Court:

    “In failing to confirm Jane Roush, the General Assembly has cast aside a fine and dedicated public servant. Judge McCullough has big shoes to fill, and I hope he will perform his duties with the same honor and skill that she has already shown.

    “Unfortunately, Republicans’ actions mean Judge McCullough will begin his service under a cloud. From the moment when his name was first put forward, McCullough’s confirmation took less than a day. He was certified in a last-minute meeting that ordinary Virginians had no chance to attend. Lawmakers and citizens had no time to properly review his record ahead of the final vote. Every aspect of this process has been rushed and opaque — unworthy of our Court and our Commonwealth.”

  • Governor McAuliffe Statement on General Assembly Supreme Court Vote

    “Today the General Assembly acted to elect a justice to the Supreme Court through a process that was divisive, distracting and detrimental to the integrity of Virginia’s highest court and our Commonwealth itself.

    “By firing a qualified and nonpartisan Supreme Court Justice for purely political reasons, Republicans in the General Assembly made a clear statement that their partisan agenda comes before what is best for this Commonwealth and its residents.

    “The ensuing process of selecting her replacement, complete with the consideration of 4 candidates in the span of one week, offering lower court seats without any vetting or transparency, and eventual extension of a 12-year term to a little-known 11th hour pick compounded the embarrassment that this process has brought to our Commonwealth.

    “I do not know Judge Stephen McCullough and my staff and I, much like the General Assembly and the Virginia public, have not had much time to review his credentials for the state’s highest court. Unfortunately, however qualified he may be, he will take the bench under the cloud of the ugly process that resulted in his election, having accepted a seat previously-held by a Justice whose qualifications were superior.

    “My focus is on building a new Virginia economy for the people who elected me to make their lives better. On a number of issues, including education, workforce development, transportation, and veterans, we’ve proven that we’re capable of working together toward that goal. It’s a shame that some of that good work can be overshadowed by partisan spitball fights simply because Republican Leaders elected to fire a qualified justice out of an extreme partisan agenda.”

  • So true. Add “ugly session all around.” Thanks Republicans! Not.


  • Video: Sen. Lindsey Graham makes a funny and it’s HI-larious! Actually, not at all.


  • http://ag.virginia.gov/files/AGs_letter_to_Senate_FINAL.pdf

    From AG Mark Herring’s office:

    This morning, Attorney General Herring and twenty of his colleagues sent a joint letter to the Republican and Democratic leaders of the United States Senate and the Chair and Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary to express their “belief that the United States Senate must act promptly to consider a nominee to fill the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court.”

    The Attorneys General “urge the Senate to carry out its responsibilities by allowing for full consideration of a qualified nominee to the Supreme Court by holding a hearing and a vote without unnecessary delay.”

  • Video: Fascinating discussion of Jeffrey Goldberg’s hours-long interview with President Obama on foreign policy. The title is “The Obama Doctrine: How he’s shaped the world,” and needless to say it bears almost ZERO resemblance to the bizarre mischaracterizations by Republicans of Obama. As on almost everything else, Republicans aren’t just wrong, but basically 180-degrees off the mark on this one.