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Sunday (Mother’s Day 2016) News: Trump a “misogynist of the worst order;” Media Fails to Challenge “Four-Pinocchio whoppers”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, May 8. Happy Mother’s Day, mom! 🙂 Also, in case you missed my comments on President Obama’s Howard University commencement address yesterday, I definitely encourage you to watch it.

  • Virginia 8th CD GOP results from yesterday’s convention. Looking forward to our most excellent Rep. Don Beyer (D) winning huge this fall, as Hernick runs in a deep-blue district that will NOT turn out to vote for neo-fascist Donald Trump!

    Nominee for Congress — Charles Hernick
    District Chairman — Mark Kelly
    Elector — Sean Spicer
    State Central Committee –Sandy Liddy Bourne, David Foster, Brian Rabbitt
    Delegate to the National Convention — Tommy Valentine, Bill Cleveland, Charlie Keller
    Alternate to the National Convention — Tom Bolvin, Daniel Rinzel, Erin Anderson

  • Video: Trump tells Howard Stern in 2002 he supports invading Iraq. Note to media: don’t keep putting out the Big Lie that Trump opposed the Iraq War, as it’s completely untrue.


  • Video: Sarah Palin vows that Paul Ryan soon to be “Eric Cantor’ed,” endorses Ryan’s challenger


  • 8th CD Republican candidate Mike Webb clearly not happy about the results of yesterday’s convention, which nominated Charles Hernick as their nominee (to lose badly to Rep. Don Beyer).

    Press Release

    Conservative Icons Bamboozled and Party Set Adrift

    (Arlington, VA, May 7, 2016) The story at press time is not that lifelong Republican, unabashed conservative, and putative front runner Mike Webb lost the party nomination at a convention in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, but that he lost it to an establishment backed, former independent who recently “came out” and confessed that he was a “moderate Republican who thinks government must take action on climate change.” The candidate who early declared that he was “doing everything that I can to win the nomination,” was aided and abetted by local and state establishment party leaders to force the Republican incarnate version of the incumbent, Donald S. Beyer, Jr. on the voters in the most Democratic district in the southern states, enlisting names such as political strategist Richard Viguierie, Senator Charles Grassley, activist Sandy Liddy Bourne, and former Governor George Allen, to stop an effort by Webb to bring a coalition of Libertarians, conservative Independents, ethnic voters, faith leaders, and business executives to the party that might have ousted the safe incumbent in the stronghold that has for over a decade thwarted statewide efforts of the party from achieving victory and making Virginia a “red state.”

    “When I got initial reluctance from the local leadership, I thought that it was peculiar that a local chairman would dismiss the conceptual plan, but I became more concerned when, at the Advance Meeting for party leaders in December in Hot Springs when RPV Chairman John Whitbeck was stiring the party to action to only re-elect the incumbents in the eitght congressional districts that we currently hold, and not the 8th Congressional District, where I was running and that was needed to make an impact, if the party was to achieve statewide victory. The measures that they went to to achieve this result might be described in law under a theory of res ipsa loquitur–the thing speaks for itself. It is very hard to rule out the conclusion that while the nationally Republicans were worried about a brokered convention, right here in the Cradle of Presidents some parties had already arranged a brokered deal,” said Webb.

    In the course of the race, for which Webb dedicated time, talent and treasure–personally investing over $20,000 in a primarily self-funded effort–his prolific press releases reveal a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and corruption reaching to the highest levels within the government and politics. He experienced disparate treatment by party officials, was extorted by politicial consultants, made victim of cyber attacks and internet bullying, endured identity theft, personal property theft and vandalism, defamation, and even was terminated from one federal contractor position under suspicious circumstances, only to be offered, weeks later, a lucrative offer of federal employment for which he was not even qualified under the federal job announcement.

    Despite fierce opposition, never before witnessed by any candidate in the district, Webb, still yet claimed a quarter of the weighted vote tally at the convention and retained his coalition outside the party, making him a force with which to contend in future contests. GOP hopefuls seeking to win in 2017 might have altered the outcome by aiding Webb in the effort to keep alive the conservative movement, but only appeared at the convention to offer a general plea for conservative activists to support their overall efforts next year, leaving to Webb the responsibiity to make the case for creating a base that could ensure victory. Fred D’Aillard, chief campaign consultant for Charles Hernick, and other Hernick supporters continued even after securing the nomiation to insult and harrass Webb, and Webb indicates that his strongest leadership support came from Ron Wilcox and those within the Tea Party, which may become the new home for the new conservative base that Webb has created. So, today, Webb is sitting on the chips the party needs–not a bad place to be for a first time run. Party leaders and officials from both parties had no comment, and Webb’s nomination rival indicated yesterday that he soon will be broadcasting a separate website for Spanish speaking voters, but Webb’s coalition had already grabbed the swing voters in that consituency months before.

  • Video: Hillary Clinton explains why Donald Trump is a “loose cannon,” says she is running for her vision of what America can be.


  • Video: Hillary Clinton says she & Bernie Sanders share progressive goals on minimum wage, reining in bad actors on Wall St., etc.


  • Video: “22 Women Trashing Trump”


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