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Wednesday News: Clinton Vetting Kaine, Castro, Warren; McAuliffe Tells Commonwealth Attorneys to “Do Your Job”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, June 22. Also check out Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday about the dire threat Donald Trump represents to the U.S. economy.

  • Quizzical

    Re Metro ignored like all other infrastructure, it ends with a call for an economic justification for increased Metro spending. I had to double check to believe where that editorial was published – Fredericksburg! Even though the Metro system doesn’t reach Fredericksburg, it directly impacts everyone who lives in Fredericksburg and commutes north. The VRE makes connections to the Metro system. The highways are choked if Metro doesn’t help take cars off the road. Property values in Fredericksburg depend in part on the viability of the commutes from there.

  • True Blue

    The gospel according to tRump –

    “forgive my debts, pay rent to my family, and commit ‘Idle Worship’” –

    (I just found this free fb game lol
    “Build islands of worshippers, and battle other gods with your mighty Powers” and
    “something that has to be seen and played to be believed” games.com)

    I recall the backstory of Herman Cain’s (Mr. 999) campaign based on Pokemon. . .

  • True Blue

    I’m watching the Drumpfin’ Idiot, “best” Flim Flam Man ever, muted and close-captioned, give his redux of “best” conspiracy theory campaign material. The front rows are filled with true believers and the “back of the bus” seats are apparently relegated to unfair media types. One lady just up and left during the full frontal attack on Hillary. Give me some lovin’?

  • Connolly Joins House Democrats’ Sit-In to Protest Congressional Inaction on Guns

    Washington, D.C. – Today, Representative Gerry Connolly joined other House Democrats in a sit-in on the House Floor to protest congressional inaction on gun safety in the aftermath of the most recent gun violence tragedy in Orlando, Florida. Connolly released the following statement:

    “The violence must end. In the wake of these almost weekly tragedies, the response from Congress is as predictable as it is disappointing. We offer our thoughts and prayers. We hold a moment of silence; anything to distract from the central cause, and common instrument, of these crimes. How many more must die before Congress acts?

    “Today, I was proud to join Rep. John Lewis and House Democrats to once again call on Speaker Ryan to bring up a vote on the No Guns for Terrorist bill. Instead of acting, the House Majority decided to shut off the cameras to the People’s House.”

  • Video: Dems stage sit-in on House floor to protest lack of action on gun violence


  • Video: Have I mentioned recently how awesome John Lewis is?


    • Quizzical

      That was a very powerful speech

  • Video: Rep. Bobby Scott Speaks During Sit-In on House Floor