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Video: LuAnn Bennett “proud to stand w/Walter Tejada & @MonteJohnsonVA to denounce the GOP’s anti-immigrant, anti-women ticket”


The following event (press release from the Clinton campaign) took place earlier today in Purcellville. As the sign says, Donald Trump’s repeated, disgusting, demeaning, degrading comments against women, Muslim-Americans, Latino-Americans, etc, etc. amount to the “Textbook Definition of Racism.” Trump not only needs to be defeated on November 8, he needs to be beaten by a big margin, in order to send a clear message that this behavior and these attitudes are not acceptable in our great nation.

UPDATE: Video now added. Bennett notes, correctly, that Trump has “called women pigs…routinely judges women based on appearance…has suggested that women who get abortions should be punished…calls pregnancy an inconvenience to employers.” Bennett adds that Trump’s campaign manager has published an article headlined “birth control makes women unattractive and crazy.” She points out, again correctly, that Mike Pence “voted to defund Planned Parenthood” while in Congress and as governor of Indiana he “led the fight to pass an anti-abortion law which contained some of the most stringent restrictions on the medical procedure in the country.” Bennett argues that Trump’s “hateful, offensive and sexist rhetoric towards women does not belong anywhere near the White House and is not what we want our children to hear.” “We need a champion for women’s health in the White House, and that champion will be Hillary Clinton.”

Congressional candidate LuAnn Bennett, former Arlington County Board member Walter Tejada and community leader Monte Johnson will hold a press conference to reject the Trump-Pence campaign’s embrace of extremism, mainstreaming of hate and the disturbing “alt-right” political philosophy driving their campaign. Ahead of Pence’s visit to Purcellville, and following Hillary Clinton’s speech Thursday outlining the dangers of Trump’s embrace of dangerous fringe elements of our country, these local leaders will join supporters to condemn Trump’s divisive rhetoric and dystopian view of women and minority communities in America and call on Pence to answer for his campaign’s embrace of hate.

While Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine believe in an inclusive America that is stronger together, Trump has repeatedly disrespected and insulted women and communities of color, and Pence personally led the fight to defund Planned Parenthood while serving in Congress and, as governor, fought to pass Indiana’s 2016 anti-abortion law, which contained some of the most stringent restrictions in the country.

  • Video: Walter Tejada says Trump has “endlessly insulted minority groups in our country with his hateful and divisive rhetoric,” while Mike Pence just stood by [Trump’s] side.” Trump has brought “ugly prejudice to light to divide us and make us fear each other.” “Our nation is already great because, although we may have different backgrounds, we understand that our diversity is a positive value that makes us stronger; Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine understand this…Donald Trump has made our Latino community feel unwelcome in our own country that we love…has made our neighbors fearful…We are every bit as much Americans as anyone…Latino voters will not forget the hatred he has spread…Donald Trump’s dark vision of America will cause the Latino community to suffer…It is our turn to categorically reject the views of Trump-Pence…Clinton and Kaine believe that we are better than the dark, doom-and-gloom, divisive, racist vision that Trump-Pence offer.”


  • Full video of Purcellville press conference


  • True Blue

    VA Attorney General Mark Herring wrote powerful editorial in Loudoun Times Mirror today. He is a role model for young and old alike!

  • Video: Mike Pence “proud” of his good “friend,” anti-choice extremist Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List, who introduced Pence earlier today in Virginia. For more on Dannenfelser, see Right Wing Watch. For more on the Susan B. Anthony List and Dannenfelser, see SUSAN B. ANTHONY LIST’S ANTI-CHOICE MACHINE. Thi report has Dannenfelser quoted as saying, “to lose the connection between sex and having children leads to problems;” calling reproductive health care an “ideology” (WTF???); claiming that the “majority of women in Virginia and across the country support” mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds; etc.

    Also see this article in The Nation, which has Dannenfelser defending Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin as an “excellent partner;” pushing the infamous “transvaginal ultrasound” law in Virginia; wanting to defund Planned Parenthood;