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Monday News: Trump Has a “Black Soul”; “Worthy of Our Contempt;” Pence’s “Breathtakingly Cynical Statements”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, August 1. Also, check out Arlington Revenue Commissioner Ingrid Morroy and her sister Judith singing “Girls Don’t Want to Have Trump.” Great job, you go girls! 🙂

  • Video: John Oliver demolishes ‘f*cking a**hole’ Donald Trump for his comments on Khan family


  • Northam statement on Trump’s attacks on a Virginia military family

    “As an Army doctor, I cared for wounded soldiers in the First Persian Gulf War. I have seen the sacrifice Captain Khan and so many others have made for our country. Virginia is proud of the Khan family and Donald Trump’s attack on a grieving mother is a disgrace.

    Any candidate for governor should stand up to a bully when he attacks a Virginia military family. I am disappointed that no Republican candidate for governor has denounced Trump’s offensive attacks on Virginia’s own Khizr and Ghazala Khan. Our troops show courage everyday and this is not a time for politicians to hide or keep quiet,” said Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam

  • Video: The Simpsons on Trump vs. Clinton, 3 AM


  • Video: John McCain rips Donald Trump’s disparagement of Gold Star family, although still not seeing him officially withdraw his endorsement of the monster leading his party


  • Video: Ken Burns says “con man” Trump “glaringly unqualified,” can’t name any other major candidate less qualified; lies “200-300 times a day;” “may be the Khan family that finally changes the dynamics,”


  • Governor McAuliffe Announces Groundbreaking for I-66 Inside-the-Beltway Improvements Project

    ~ Project aims to deliver faster, safer, and more reliable trips ~

    ARLINGTON – Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced that work will begin this summer on the first major improvements to Interstate 66 inside the Beltway in 15 years. The project is part of a comprehensive initiative to transform the I-66 corridor, giving commuters and other travelers a variety of fast and reliable choices for getting to and from work.

    “Since the beginning of our administration, we made it our top transportation priority to improve Virginia’s infrastructure and unclog the bottlenecks on our most congested highways,” said Governor McAuliffe, speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony. “This project is a big step forward in our work to transform one of the most important corridors in Northern Virginia, and it will ensure that drivers have faster, safer and more reliable commutes every day. This initiative, coupled with Virginia’s new SMARTSCALE transportation prioritization process, will unlock Northern Virginia from the traffic congestion that was strangling this region’s economic potential.”

    The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) project will give commuters more flexibility from the Capital Beltway to the Lee Highway exit in Rosslyn. The initial project includes the installation of tolling equipment along this corridor and signage on local streets approaching the highway. The new I-66 inside the Beltway will be the nation’s first roadway with dynamic tolling on all lanes during peak-period traffic, keeping traffic moving at highway speeds by adjusting toll prices based on traffic volume.

    “This project also moves us one step closer to giving travelers an express lanes network across more than 90 miles in Northern Virginia,” said Virginia Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne. “With this project, we’re providing better ways to get around and helping to reduce the congestion that now burdens so many of us.”

    Toll revenues will fund multimodal improvements, giving commuters expanded options for travel. To jumpstart the process, the Commonwealth Transportation Board recently approved a nearly $10 million program to fund a series of multimodal projects identified by the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission.

    Contracts totaling $60 million were awarded to Fort Myer Construction for tolling infrastructure construction and to TransCore for tolling equipment installation. The project includes eight overhead electronic toll collection gantries on I-66 and approximately 125 signs along I-66 and local roads approaching the highway. The work will require periodic lane closures on local roads approaching I-66 interchanges, ramp closures and night-time lane closures along I-66 itself. Brief, occasional total closures of I-66 will occur during overnight construction to install the overhead gantries. Construction will conclude next year.

    In addition to these improvements, a four-mile segment of eastbound I-66 from the Dulles Connector Road to Fairfax Drive will be widened to provide further congestion relief.

    For more information, please visit http://www.Transform66.org.

  • Video: President Obama Addresses Disabled American Veterans Convention, says he’s tired of “some folks” (translation: Trump) “trash talking America’s military and troops”


  • From former LG Bill Bolling (R):

    It should not surprise anyone to learn that Donald Trump has lost 7 points to Hillary Clinton since the end of the Republican convention. The past ten days have been a disaster for Trump. First, he needlessly attacked Ted Cruz on his way out of Cleveland. Second, he picked a totally unnecessary and inappropriate fight with the Muslim parents of a soldier who was killed in combat, for which he has been roundly criticized by Republicans and Democrats. And then, he showed his total lack of knowledge on foreign policy by insisting that Russia would never go into the Ukraine, even though they have already done so. What’s next? If Trump doesn’t get his act together, this campaign could be over before it starts.

  • Video: Donald Trump yet again goes to the Alex Jones cuckoo conspiracy theory playbook


  • Video: Warren Buffett endorses, rallies for Hillary Clinton in Omaha, NE; dares Trump to release his income tax returns


  • 538’s “Now-Cast” now has Hillary with a 82.2% chance of winning. Muuuuch better. 🙂


  • Video: In Richmond, Tim Kaine mocks Donald Trump, explains why we have to elect Hillary Clinton