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Tuesday News: Trump’s UnAmerican “Extreme Vetting” Plan; Anne Holton, Tim Kaine in Asheville, NC


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, August 16. Also, check out the video of Tim Kaine and Anne Holton speaking at a rally in Asheville, NC yesterday.

  • Video: Tim Kaine plays harmonica at Catawba Brewery in Asheville, N.C.


  • Quizzical
  • Clinton-Kaine Transition Project Announces Senior Leadership Team

    Former Interior Secretary Salazar To Serve as Chair; Donilon, Granholm, Tanden and Williams To Serve as Co-Chairs

    Two weeks after paperwork was filed to formally establish the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, John Podesta — the Chair of Hillary for America and the President of the Transition project — announced several top officials who will lead the transition planning over the coming months. This senior leadership team will oversee a Washington-based operation that is dedicated to preparing for a potential Clinton-Kaine administration, enabling the Brooklyn-based campaign organization to stay exclusively focused on the task of electing Hillary Clinton as the nation’s 45th President of the United States.

    Ken Salazar, former Secretary of the Interior and United States senator from Colorado, will serve as Chair of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project.

    Salazar will serve alongside four co-chairs — former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, President of the Center for American Progress Neera Tanden, and Maggie Williams, Director of the Institute of Politics, Harvard University.

    Ed Meier and Ann O’Leary, two top campaign policy advisers, will shift full-time to the Transition team to serve as co-executive directors and manage the project’s day-to-day operations. Heather Boushey, the Executive Director of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, will serve as Chief Economist.

    “We are extremely pleased that such an accomplished group of public servants has agreed to lead the transition planning for a potential Clinton-Kaine administration,” Podesta said. “While our campaign remains focused on the task at hand of winning in November, Hillary Clinton wants to be able to get to work right away as President-elect on building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. These individuals, who bring a deep level of experience in the work of presidential transitions, will help us build a team that is ready to govern after the general election.”

    “Once Hillary Clinton makes history by being elected as the nation’s first woman President, we want to have a turnkey operation in place so she can hit the ground running right away,” Salazar said. “A Clinton-Kaine administration will build on the progress we’ve made under President Obama, and tackle a new set of challenges both at home and abroad. This transition team will undertake the preparations necessary to ensure our next President has the resources and staff to carry out this all-important work.”

    The Clinton-Kaine Transition Project is a 501(c)(4) organization. It was officially established through the filing of paperwork two weeks ago in the District of Columbia, with Podesta named as the entity’s President and Hillary for America senior adviser Minyon Moore as Secretary.

    A 2010 law, known as the Pre-Election Transition Act, formalized the process for the transfer of powers from one administration to the next, and provided new resources to both party nominees so they each could take steps ahead of the general election to ensure a seamless transition. In keeping with the law, the Obama administration will host initial, transition planning meetings with representatives of both the Trump and Clinton campaigns. After the two parties’ conventions, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough phoned both campaigns to indicate that, among other steps, workspace administered by the General Services Administration in Washington, D.C., was officially available to both campaigns to use for their respective transition planning.

    Biographies for the leadership of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project appear below.

    Ken Salazar, Chair of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, served under President Obama as the 50th Secretary of the Interior from 2009-2013. Prior to that, he was U.S. Senator from Colorado from 2005-2009. From 1999 until his election to the U.S. Senate, Salazar served as Attorney General for Colorado. He currently works as a partner at the international law firm WilmerHale.

    Tom Donilon, Co-Chair of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, served as National Security Advisor to President Obama from 2010-2013. Donilon had leadership roles in the State Department and NSC transitions in 2008. He served as Deputy National Security Advisor before becoming President Obama’s top national security aide. Donilon served during the Clinton Administration as Chief of Staff at the Department of State. Donilon is currently Vice Chair at the law firm of O’Melveny & Myers.

    Jennifer Granholm, Co-Chair of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, was the 47th Governor of the State of Michigan. Prior to her two terms as Governor, she served as Michigan’s Attorney General from 1999-2003. She was the first woman in state history to be elected to either position. During her tenure as Governor, she led Michigan through a severe economic downturn by diversifying the state’s economy, strengthening its automotive industry and investing in new sectors such as clean energy. After leaving office, Granholm served as an advisor to Pew Charitable Trusts’ Clean Energy Program. She is also a Senior Research Fellow with the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute.

    Neera Tanden, Co-Chair of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, currently serves as President of the Center for American Progress. Prior to that, she served as a senior adviser for health reform at the Department of Health and Human Services, working to help enact President Obama’s landmark health reform law. During the 2008 campaign, Tanden served as policy director for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, then became the director of domestic policy for the Obama-Biden campaign during the general election. Earlier in her career, she was Legislative Director for Clinton in her Senate office, and deputy campaign manager on Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign.

    Maggie Williams, Co-Chair of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, is the Director of the Institute of Politics (IOP) at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She is the former Communications Director for the Children’s Defense Fund; served as the 1992 transition director for First Lady Hillary Clinton, and as Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to First Lady Hillary Clinton. Maggie is founding partner of management consulting firm, Griffin Williams CPM, from which she took a leave of absence in 2008 to manage the presidential primary campaign of then-Senator Clinton. Maggie is Vice Chair of the Trustee Board of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and serves on the Board of the Scholastic Corporation.

    Ed Meier, Co-Executive Director of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, most recently served as the Director of Policy Outreach at Hillary for America. Prior to his work on the campaign, Meier served as Senior Adviser to the Deputy Secretary of State during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department. In addition to his service in government, Meier has worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and served as Chief Operating Officer at Big Thought, an education nonprofit in Dallas.

    Ann O’Leary, Co-Executive Director of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, most recently served as Senior Policy Adviser at Hillary for America, handling issues including college affordability, health care and family economic security. Prior to joining the campaign, O’Leary was senior vice president and director of the Children and Families Program at Next Generation. O’Leary was also founding executive director of the University of California, Berkeley, Law School’s Center on Health, Economic & Family Security, and a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Francisco. She held a number of roles during the Clinton administration, including policy adviser to the First Lady and assistant to the President on the Domestic Policy Council. She was also Legislative Director in Clinton’s Senate office from 2001-2003.

    Heather Boushey, Chief Economist of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project, is the Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth and a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. Dr. Boushy previously served as as an economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and the Economic Policy Institute. She is a leading researcher on the issue of income inequality and author of “Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict” from Harvard University Press.

  • Statement from Sen. Kaine:

    U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement today on the passing of Richmond radio host and former Virginia NAACP Executive Director Jack Gravely:

    “I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Richmond’s Jack Gravely. Jack was an incredibly influential voice in Richmond and communities throughout our Commonwealth for decades. As someone who had the pleasure of knowing Jack for years, I can tell you that he was as genuine as it gets, was extremely passionate about the important issues of our time and possessed a truly admirable work ethic. I know he will be remembered for all of those qualities and also for his phenomenal work as Executive Director of the Virginia NAACP, where he worked diligently to improve the communities he loved so dearly. My prayers are with his family, friends and everyone who was positively affected by Jack’s life as I was.”

  • Video: Does Trump’s presidential effort amount to ‘campaign malpractice’?


  • Video: John Oliver tells the American Petroleum Institute to go f*** itself, and for VERY good reason(s)


  • Daily News cover demolishes “Rudy’s most pathetic polarizing of 9/11 yet”


  • True Blue

    So much serious news to cover, yet soon there will be no journalists allowed into tRump events or pressers; except maybe. . .?

    “Today, Kevin Kruse brought us this epic list of potential shows if Trump made his own News Network.”

    “Twitter is a truly great place. Not only can you tweet about news, politics, gossip, but you can post cat videos, learn about makeup tutorials and get attacked by a range of fanatics (White Nationalists, ammosexuals and forced birthers).”

    “Hilarity: Twitter Imagines The ‘Trump News Network’ Lineup”

  • Robert Reich nails it on Trump hiring Roger F’in Ailes to advise him:

    The #2 most heinous public person in America is advising the #1 most heinous public person on how to be even more heinous.

    Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman, ousted last month over charges of sexual harassment, is now giving media advice to Donald Trump as Trump begins to prepare for the all-important presidential debates this fall, starting with the first debate September 26.

    How fitting. Before he founded Fox News in 1996, Ailes spent years as a pit-bull political strategist for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Rudolph Giuliani.

    And it was Ailes’s Fox News that helped stoke the bigotry and paranoia in America’s white working class that resulted in the rise of Trump. It was Fox News that also elevated Trump as a potential presidential candidate, and has continued to promote his campaign. Oh, and one other thing: Ailes has imposed on women much the same sexist, misogynistic, objectified treatment Trump is known for.

    They’re a perfect match. I wonder when Martin Shkreli will start advising Trump.

  • Video: Rep. Don Beyer delivers powerful remarks to the Disarm Hate Rally in Washington this past Saturday. Great leadership by Rep. Beyer on this issue, as always. Thanks!


  • Hillary Clinton Statement on Endorsement of the Working Families Party

    Today, after receiving the endorsement of the Working Families Party, Hillary Clinton issued the following statement:

    “I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the Working Families Party.

    “Working families are the engine behind our economy, the heart of our democracy, and the core of what makes America great. But today, it’s too hard for working people to get ahead and stay ahead.

    “That’s why the Working Families Party is so important. For almost two decades, they have fought to make our economy fairer and our country stronger. They’ve fought to raise the minimum wage in states and cities across the country; combat climate change and create new, good-paying jobs in clean energy and energy efficiency; and train and elect trailblazing progressive leaders.

    “As President, I’ll stand with working families like I have my entire career. We’ll build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and finally make the minimum wage a living wage. We’ll overturn Citizens United and protect every American’s right to vote, not every corporation’s right to buy elections. We’ll end the era of mass incarceration and replace the school-to-prison pipeline with a cradle-to-college and career pipeline. We’ll make sure every American can afford a college education and tackle our country’s student debt crisis. And we’ll finally enact policies that support how families actually live and work today—with paid family leave, affordable childcare, and equal pay for women.

    “Together, we’ll fight every day for working families—because we know when families are strong, America is strong.”

  • Video: Anne Holton, Tim Kaine in Fayetteville, NC


  • From the Virginia House Dem Caucus:


    Democrats from the 77th district of Virginia’s House of Delegates have selected a nominee to represent the party in the November 8th special election to fill the vacancy left by Del. Lionell Spruill, Sr., who has been elected as the Democratic nominee for the 5th district in the Senate of Virginia and resigned his seat in the house to ensure continuity of representation and save taxpayer dollars.

    Cliff Hayes, Jr. was named the Democratic nominee tonight in a “firehouse primary” by an unofficial result of 556 to 469 over LeOtis Williams.

    Del. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville), the Leader of the House Democratic Caucus, welcomed Cliff Hayes, Jr. as the official Democratic nominee. “With Cliff Hayes, Jr. in the 77th and Michael Mullin in the 93rd, Democrats are strongly positioned to hold these two seats in November 8th special elections. Holding both seats would enable us to continue having the ability to sustain the veto of the Governor.”

    Del. Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria), the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, welcomed the new member by saying, “I am confident that the citizens of Chesapeake and Suffolk will be well represented by Cliff Hayes, Jr. and I look forward to working with him in the upcoming legislative session.”

    Del. Rip Sullivan (D-Fairfax), the Campaign Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, is excited about Democratic prospects in 2017. “Having just broken the Republican Super Majority in 2015, voters in the Commonwealth will have the opportunity in 2017 to continue chipping away at the gerrymandered Republican majority. We’re glad to have such strong nominees in this year’s special elections to start us off with two important victories this November.”

  • From the Clinton campaign:

    Trump Pushes Deranged Conspiracy About Clinton’s Health To Distract From Tax Return Questions

    Facing withering criticism from national media outlets, state editorial boards and even some Republican allies over his refusal to release his tax returns, Donald Trump is once again peddling deranged conspiracy theories in a desperate attempt to change the subject – this time with absurd and debunked claims about Hillary Clinton’s health.

    This is hardly the first time Trump and his allies have donned tin foil hats when things weren’t going his way. When his back was previously up against the wall, he’s suggested President Obama was a Muslim with ISIS sympathies, that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered and that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    Now, with the help of his well-oiled network of conspiracy peddlers – from Roger Stone to Sean Hannity – Trump is desperately trying to give life to already busted myths about the health of a woman whose stamina and focus was publicly lauded following an 11 hours long hearing about the tragedy in Benghazi.

    Per his long pattern, Trump will clearly say or do anything to avoid the barrage of questions only his tax returns can answer: Whether he’s worth as much as he dubiously claims? Whether his pro-Kremlin policies stem from financial conflicts of interest with Russian oligarchs? Or whether he actually gives as much as he says to charity?

    “While it is dismaying to see the Republican nominee for president push deranged conspiracy theories in a foreign policy speech, it’s no longer surprising,” said Jennifer Palmieri. “Donald Trump is simply parroting lies based on fabricated documents promoted by Roger Stone and his right wing allies. Hillary Clinton has released a detailed medical record showing her to be in excellent health plus her personal tax returns since 1977, while Trump has failed to provide the public with the most basic financial information disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. It’s time for him to stop using shameful distractions to hide his own record.”

  • Former Va. LG Bill Bolling (R):

    While difficult for some Republicans to accept, Virginia has become a blue state in top of the ticket statewide campaigns. Since 2004, Democrats have won all but one top of the ticket statewide campaigns in Virginia. The fact is that Virginia is changing. It is a much more moderate state than it was a few years ago. That’s why it is so important for the GOP to nominate electable candidates. A Republican can win in Virginia, but only if they are viewed as being a mainstream Republican who can reach out to more moderate and independent voters. Deny it all you want, but these are the inescapable facts.