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Sunday News: RTD Endorses Gary Johnson, Slams Trump as “authoritarian of the worst and crudest sort”; FBI Report “almost complete exoneration of Hillary Clinton”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 4. Also, check out President Obama yet again demonstrating how a president should behave on the international stage, with dignity, subtlety, intelligence, tact, diplomacy….in other words, the exact opposite of ignorant buffoon and demagogue Donald Trump.

  • Key quotes about Trump from rock-solid Republican RTD editorial board (note: I’m ignoring their comments about Clinton, because again, the RTD editorial board is of the “Republicans can do no wrong, Democrats can do no right” school, so screw ’em):

    *”We are not sure if Donald Trump lies or not. He says many things that are untrue; the frightening thing is that he might actually believe them at the moment he says them. He seems to exist in a warped fantasyland into which reality rarely intrudes.”

    “Trump, on the other hand, has demonstrated again and again that he thinks few people aside from his own magnificent self have any worth whatsoever. His primary mode of public discourse is personal insult and mockery. He has denigrated entire ethnic groups, proposed a database to track those of the Muslim faith, made frequent degrading remarks about women, mocked a disabled reporter and attacked the parents of an American patriot who died in defense of his nation.”

    ” Trump…throughout his career, he has used, manipulated and outright cheated others for his own personal gain. Nor does his platform offer much evidence that he would act differently through public policy: He wants to make Mexican citizens who have no wish to leave home pay for an American border wall to stop Mexican citizens who one day might, and to stop American citizens who want to buy Chinese-made products from doing so in the hope that this would shore up other Americans’ job security.”

    “Trump has spoken in favor of torture and even suggested some American citizens should be tried not in courts but in military tribunals. He is an authoritarian of the worst and crudest sort.”

    “Trump, on the other hand, is an alarmingly unknown variable: admiring of dictators and Vladimir Putin in particular, inconstant on the wisdom of military intervention, astoundingly naive about world affairs, and incredibly ignorant about even such basic concepts as the nuclear triad. He is full of bluster, but that is all.”

    “Trump, a four-time bankrupt, likewise has proposed a host of expensive policies, and has no coherent fiscal policy whatever.”

  • Elaine Owens

    I posted the following comment on the RTD website page containing their editorial “endorsement”:

    “Gary Johnson advoctes a 43% cut in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He also advocates a sharp, almost equal, cut in military spending. Why such drastic cuts? He and the Libertarian Party advocate a flat tax of 23% on all commerce. In other words, a regressive national sales tax to replace a progressive income tax. The extreme cuts in government spending are the only way that such a tax scheme can posibly avoid irreparable damage to the federal budget sheet and debt level. However, neither he nor his party seem to understand exactly what terrible damage would be done socially, and to a consumer-driven economy, by such an economic boondoggle proposal. Neither, evidently, does the Richmond Times Dispatch.”

    The positions Gary Johnson espouses are ridiculous on their face, but, you are correct, Lowell. The RTD could never bring itself to endorse or say a kind word about a Democrat. When Media General owned the RTD before its 2012 sale to Berkshire Hathaway, Diane Cantor, wife of Eric Cantor sat on the Media General board, and the paper insisted that was not a conflict of interest. (Right…) During the 1960’s and 1970’s the RTD was an ardent supporter of massive resistance to integration. Its history as a voice for the old Byrd machine found it natural to slither over to the GOP’s “Southern Strategy.”

    • Yep, that’s why i call them the “Republican Times-Disgrace.” The fact that even THEY couldn’t bring themselves to endorse Trump really says it all. As for GaryJohnson, everyone should read your excellent article, Think Trump Is Nuts? Check Out Gary Johnson.

  • Video: Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani says he shouldn’t apologize for claiming Obama not American


  • Trump Virginia Chair falsely claims there is a “ban on the Second Amendment” (???) in Virginia, pledges to “UNDO” that as governor. My god…WTF???


  • Video: Del. Mark Levine rips “king of the birther movement,” Donald Trump, Republican Party which fights to keep blacks from voting.


  • Video: Soledad O’Brien rips media for “he said, she said,” false equivalency normalizing white supremacy – “journalists are failing” in their “contortions” to be “fair”


  • Wow – Corey Stewart of all people comes out against Tommy Norment’s “proposal to forever ban some felons from ever having their voting rights restored.” Will wonders never cease??? That’s how bad Norment’s proposal is, I guess…

    This may cost me votes, but I cannot support Tommy Norment’s proposal to forever ban some felons from ever having their voting rights restored.
    At some point in our lives, especially when we are young, many of us do something stupid–sometimes even criminal. But we can redeem ourselves. That is the story of my father, whom I loved and respected greatly(see article below).

    I do not believe in automatic restoration of a felon’s voting rights, since many are never able to redeem themselves. But if someone pays their debt society, and is able to turn their life around, then they should be able to apply to have their rights restored and live as productive and proud citizens.

  • Dianna Richardson

    Re: Drew Shannon & Ian Ware: McAuliffe’s energy policy a presidential liability

    I just responded on the Virginian-Pilot site to the single comment by the narrow-minded William Tabor whose rejoinders always seem to be against scientific, social, or political progressivism. He had written in an extremely condescending manner to Mr. Shannon & Mr. Ware about their guest editorial in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper. (BTW, Mr. Tabor comments often and treats everyone with whom he disagrees with derision.) I didn’t want these two young men who put forth the effort to write a sincere piece to have only one short-sighted and mean-spirited person respond to their words that I personally thought were on point.

    • Tabor describes himself as a ” Libertarian activist,” so not surprising he’d hold such wrong-headed views on energy and the environment. Good that you responded!