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Wednesday News: Trump “Held Fundraiser” for FL AG “After She Dropped Investigation” of Slimy Trump U


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, September 7.

  • From the Clinton campaign:

    New Spanish Language Ads Highlight the Dangers of a Trump Presidency for Latinos

    New ads feature a prominent Cuban-American Republican who has endorsed Clinton and a snapshot of Clinton’s record of fighting for families and children.

    Hillary for America released two new Spanish language television and digital ads today underscoring how Donald Trump is unfit to be president while Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to lead the country forward, especially for Latino and immigrant communities.

    “País Primero” (Country First) highlights Carlos Gutierrez’s, former Secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush, support for Clinton. In the face of Trump’s divisive rhetoric and reckless agenda, Gutierrez has joined a growing list of Republicans who are putting party lines aside and backing Clinton. As Gutierrez recounts, although he has been a Republican his entire life he is “an American first” and believes a Trump presidency would be dangerous for the country. The second ad, “Verdadera Fuerza” (Real Strength), exposes the type of strength that is needed to be president — one that is measured by helping others and breaking down barriers rather than by insults and bigotry. The ad contrasts Clinton’s lifelong record of fighting for families with Trump’s history of recklessly demeaning communities of color.

    Both ads are the latest in a series of Spanish ads throughout the general election that highlight what’s at stake for the Latino and immigrant communities in this election. Earlier this summer, the campaign released “Nuestra Historia”, a Spanish ad focusing on the deep roots of the Latino community, as well as a number of English ads targeting Latino audiences. While Donald Trump began his campaign by insulting immigrants and has consistently pledged to deport 16 million people, Clinton has laid out an agenda that will help Latinos build a better future and provide immigrants a path out of the shadows. “País Primero” will run in Florida and “Verdadera Fuerza” will run in Florida and Nevada media markets.


  • Ninety-Five Retired Generals and Admirals Endorse Hillary Clinton

    More Than Any Recent Democratic Nominee for President

    Hillary for America announced that 95 retired Generals and Admirals, including a number of 4-Star Generals, have officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and Commander-in-Chief. Clinton is getting the backing of more senior military service members and former officials with command and management experience than any non-incumbent Democrat due to her proven record of diplomacy and steady leadership on the world stage. She will make her case tonight at the Commander-in-Chief Forum presented by NBC and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

    Donald Trump, on the other hand, lacks the knowledge, stability and values to be Commander-in-Chief. According to yesterday’s media reports, Trump has received more than 400 fewer endorsements than Mitt Romney received – 88 to Romney’s 500.

    Today, General Lloyd “Fig” Newton, a 4-Star General and America’s first African-American Thunderbird pilot, joined his fellow military service members and released a statement endorsing Hillary Clinton for President:

    “I was privileged to serve my country for 34 plus years — my entire adult life — in the United States Air Force. Growing up in South Carolina, respect for individual liberties and the right for every person to vote was taught to me at an early age and it is of the utmost importance to me today. These fundamental rights are why I served and care so deeply about our great nation. Given the challenges we face around the world today, and the rhetoric we are hearing from some at home, I feel I have a moral imperative to come forth and endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton for President. This is not about Democrat or Republican, this is about who is best qualified to lead the country in this complex world we live in. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that has the experience, temperament, critical thinking and level-headed leadership to keep America safe and our partnerships strong. She has my vote in November.”

    Hillary for America released the following list of service members who have officially endorsed:
    John Nathman, Admiral, USN (ret)*
    John Allen, General, USMC (ret)
    Wesley Clark, General, USA (ret)
    David Maddox, General, USA (ret)
    Lloyd Newton, General, USAF (ret)*
    Robert Sennewald, General, USA (ret)
    Johnnie Wilson, General, USA (ret)
    Edward Baca, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    Joseph Ballard, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    Julius Becton, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    John Castellaw, Lieutenant General, USMC (ret)
    Dan Christman, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    Al Edmonds, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret)
    Robert Gard, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    Walter Gaskin, Lieutenant General, USMC (ret)
    Arlen Jameson, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret)
    Claudia Kennedy, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    Don Kerrick, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    John Morgan, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)
    David Proythress, Lieutenant General, USA-NG (ret)
    Dale Vesser, Lieutenant General, USA (ret)*
    Willie Williams, Lieutenant General, USMC (ret)
    Donald Arthur, Vice Admiral, USN (ret)
    Sally Brice-O’Hara, Vice Admiral, USCG (ret)
    Kevin Green, Vice Admiral, USN (ret)
    Bruce Grooms, Vice Admiral, USN (ret)
    Anthony Winns, Vice Admiral, USN (ret)
    Wallace Arnold, Major General, USA (ret)
    Juan Ayala, Major General, USMC (ret)
    Donna Barbisch, Major General, USA (ret)
    Roger Blunt, Major General, USA (ret)*
    Harry Brooks, Major General, USA (ret)
    George Buskirk, Major General, USA-NG (ret)
    Paul Eaton, Major General, USA (ret)
    Mari K. Eder, Major General, USA (ret)
    Irving Halter, Major General, USAF (ret)
    Marcelite Harris, Major General, USAF (ret)
    Jerry Harrison, Major General, USA (ret)
    James Klugh, Major General, USA (ret)
    Dennis Laich, Major General, USAR (ret)
    Fred Leigh, Major General, USA (ret)
    Don Loranger, Major General, USAF (ret)
    Paul Monroe, Major General, USA-NG (ret)
    Melvyn Montaño, Major General, USA-NG (ret)
    Robert Nabors, Major General, USA (ret)
    Eric Olson, Major General, USA (ret)
    Terese “Marne” Peterson, Major General, USAF (ret)*
    Dana Pittard. Major General, USA (ret)
    Gale Pollock, Major General, USA (ret)
    Arnold Punaro, Major General, USMC (ret)
    Antonio Taguba, Major General, USA (ret)
    Abe Turner, Major General, USA (ret)
    Charles Williams, Major General, USA (ret)
    Margaret Woodward, Major General, USAF (ret)
    Ralph Wooten, Major General, USA (ret)
    Stephen Glass, Rear Admiral, USNR (ret)
    Jan Hamby, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    John Hutson, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Dave Oliver, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Stuart Platt, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Paul Rosser, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Alan Steinman, Rear Admiral, USCG (ret)
    Dick Young, Rear Admiral, USNR (ret)*
    Clara Adams-Ender, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Bruce Berwick, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    David Brahms, Brigadier General, USMC (ret)
    Stephen Cheney, Brigadier General, USMC (ret)
    Julia Cleckley, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    John Douglass, Brigadier General, USAF (ret)
    Michael Dunn, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Evelyn Foote, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Lawrence Gillespie, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Judy Griego, Brigadier General, ANG (ret)
    David Irvine, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    John Johns, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Keith Kerr, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Phil Leventis, Brigadier General, ANG (ret)
    David McGinnis, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Donald Scott, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Earl Simms, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    James Smith, Brigadier General, USAF (ret)
    Steve Stephens, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Loree Sutton, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    James Throwe, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Robin Umberg, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    John Watkins, Brigadier General, USAF (ret)
    Marianne Watson, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Daniel Woodward, Brigadier General, USAF (ret)
    Stephen Xenakis, Brigadier General, USA (ret)
    Jamie Barnett, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Jay DeLoach, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Gene Kendall, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Deborah Loewer, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Glen Phillips, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)
    Michael Smith, Rear Admiral, USN (ret)

    * Previously unannounced

  • Video: Levar Stoney goes up with new TV ad in Richmond Mayor’s race.


  • Robert Reich nails it on With Koch Brothers Academy, Conservatives Settle In for Long War:

    Conservatives recruit and train future politicians. Progressives don’t. Case in point: The Koch Brothers fund the Grassroots Leadership Academy, which is grooming the next generation of conservative activists to shape the future of the Republican Party. The group has held training sessions in roughly 36 states, and about 10,000 people have attended academy programs.

    Progressives have nothing like this. We need it. America needs it.

  • Quizzical

    Interesting fact that I heard on CSPAN this morning: In 2000, the annual spending on veterans was $90 billion; today, it is $190 billion. The Veterans Administration is telling Congress, we don’t need any more money. That was from a member on the Committee on Veterans Affairs in Congress. Something to remember when Trump talks about how the country is doing nothing for veterans, or how the government treats illegal immigrants better than veterans.

  • Video: Trump and Bondi pay-to-play corruption scandal


  • HFA Statement in Response to Trump’s Speech Today in Philadelphia

    In response to Trump’s childish insults during his speech today in Philadelphia, HFA Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri offered the following statement:

    “Like a schoolyard bully who can’t rely on facts or issues, Trump has only one way of responding to legitimate criticism of his own vulnerabilities: ‘I know you are, but what am I?’

    Hillary Clinton’s well-founded criticisms of Trump, laid out in meticulous detail, become taunts and insults from Trump with no basis in reality. When she lays out a thoughtful speech outlining why he is unfit to be Commander in Chief, he calls her unhinged. She gives a speech on his disturbing history of racial discrimination and ties to white supremacists and the alt-right movement, he calls her a bigot. You could dismiss these actions as insecure schoolyard behavior but this man is running to be President of the United States. As Hillary Clinton has said, anyone you can bait this easily is not someone you can trust be Commander in Chief.”