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Wednesday News: Pence – “You whipped out that Mexican thing again”; “Pence’s Fantasy Running Mate,” “Galling Amnesia”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, October 5. Also, check out Mike Pence saying Tim Kaine “whipped out that Mexican thing again.” In sum, Pence dodged, evaded and lied all night; Kaine aggressively quoted Trump and asked Pence over and over again if he agreed or not, and…it probably all didn’t matter much, because it was the Vice Presidential debate and also because the moderator never jumped in and called out Pence for his lying.

  • Video: Pence thanks “Norwood University” (wrong on that as on almost everything)


  • New video points out Trump/Pence’s statements on Russia, deportation force, punishment for women, etc., Pence’s denials last night.


  • Video: Mike Pence Can’t Defend Donald Trump


  • From DPVA:

    Even After PTSD Comments, Wagner Doubles Down on Trump Endorsement

    Gubernatorial candidate: ‘I’m all in for Trump’

    On Tuesday, Virginia State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Frank Wagner announced his role as Co-Chair for the Donald Trump for President campaign in Hampton Roads and doubled down on his support for Donald Trump. This came the day after Donald Trump implied soldiers with PTSD are not “strong” at a campaign event in Northern Virginia. Trump’s remarks not only offended Virginia veterans, but also reinforced the painful stigma that soldiers with PTSD are not strong which discourages those that need help from seeking care.

    “As a candidate for president, Donald Trump is hurting Virginia’s veterans by using language that discourages those that need medical care the most from seeking treatment. All Republican candidates for governor should denounce Trump’s painful comments but instead, Frank Wagner is doubling down. When Wagner says he is ‘all in for Trump,’ that means he is not looking out for Virginians,” said Emily Bolton, Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia.

  • Video: Rep. Beyer Floor Remarks on Protecting the Endangered Species Act