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Virginia Polarizes, Self Segregates Politically…But Mostly on the “Red” Side of Things


If you look at this closely, it is NOT symmetrical. To the contrary, a lot more deep-“red” areas pop up, while the deep-“blue” areas remain roughly the same. In short, deep-“red” areas are in their Fox/Rush/Breitbart/Trump echo chambers, and getting increasingly polarized/insular as a result.

  • stuckinthewoods

    I’m seeing this in microcosm in several families around me. Parents who voted “deep-red” in 2016 being un-invited for Thanksgiving, almost literally “a house divided”.

  • Snowfall

    I look at that map and I see something different, to me it looks like the party is hold up in the cities like aristocrats waiting out the black plague. This is why the party doesn’t hold the state legislature, the party simply doesn’t have enough real estate, and worse, this is just a microcosm of the United States where the party has lost the majority of state houses and governor’s mansions for the exact same reason. It’s time to open the gates and go out among the masses and talk to them again, it’s time to stop calling them racists and start talking to them with dignity and respect. It’s time for Democrats to stop being the party of urban people, and go back to being the party of all the people

  • wwfleming

    The poorest parts of Virginia voted RED even though the Republican dominated General Assembly has done little to nothing for them in the past 20 or 30 years. They still have high unemployment, poorer economic growth, poorer access to decent health care, poorer educational opportunities, and large increases in opioid and drug use.

    • Right, because identity (in that case, white, Christian, etc.) trumps economics – and really always has if you think about it.

      • wwfleming

        Yes. It has to do with confirmation bias (or bias confirmation). Progressives need to talk the values and language of these voters to get them to vote differently. In my area it seems that if Jesus ran as a Democrat he would loose.