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Long-Time Hillary Clinton Aide Adam Parkhomenko for Virginia LG???


I can’t say I saw this one coming…was thinking more that a woman would enter the Democratic race for LG (and maybe one will do so). So far, we have two announced candidates: Gene Rossi and Justin Fairfax. We’ll see if long-time Hillary Clinton aide, “Ready for Hillary” co-founder, former Virginia House of Delegates candidate, etc. Adam Parkhomenko makes it three or not…

  • Charles Bright

    Which begs the following questions: Is this a joke? Why? No, seriously, is this a joke? And again, why?

  • Anonymous Is A Woman

    @notlarrysabato announced my candidacy for the Soil and Water Conservation Board a couple of years ago, via Twitter, at Braddock Derby Day fundraiser. But I was only interested in soil, not water. It’s a joke, son. I suspect this might be too. But if not, I’d be interested in hearing what Adam has to say. So far, I’m leaning to Justin Fairfax,though. But not yet truly committed until more develops.

  • George

    So it’s Fairfax and Rossi, and now possibly Parkhomenko. Former Roanoke Mayor David Bowers is considering a run, but after his comments on the internment of Japanese-Americans, it’s hard to see him able to win the nomination. And WDBJ’s article on Bowers said Mike Hamlar confirmed to them he is still considering running. Are there any delegates or senators that are considering running? Unless we get someone stronger or one of these candidates runs a perfect campaign it seems like it will be tough to beat any of the Republicans.

  • John Farrell

    Yeah, just what we need another white guy from NoVa on the state-wide ticket! That’ll broaden the coalition and energize the base in November.

    We have to find Tribbet a campaign job for 2017 so that he stops dredging up “some dude” from Arlington every other week.

    Isn’t there a New Jersey candidate desperate for an Atlantic City casino habitue to run their campaign?

    • Anonymous Is A Woman

      Could we have a qualified black woman? There are several already serving in the House and Senate?

  • Parkhomenko confirms that he’s seriously considering a run for Virginia Lt. Governor, releases letter from Hillary Clinton regarding his 2009 run for House of Delegates.


  • Comment an hour ago from Adam:

    Thank you all so much for the incredible feedback on this potential run for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Going to spend some time making the most sincere decision possible and not rushing anything while continuing to make sure we do the things that have to get done right now like calls into Louisiana, helping wherever we are called on with post-election counts and not letting Trump be normalized. With that said, it is truly inspiring to be in a place where I am hearing from friends, old and new, as well as individuals I haven’t had the opportunity to meet. When I had the opportunity at 17 to work for Hillary and knew school would take a very long time if I went down that road my father said “there is nothing that beats real world experience.” He was right. In the end I spent the last 14 years doing what I love (and picked up that college degree along the way) Love you all with all my heart.

  • GBrandon

    I hope that Parkomenko decides against entering this race. His website, such as it is, is a photo of him with Bill Clinton. It isn’t exactly an image of leadership: Adam is fiddling with his phone standing behind the Big Dog in the wings of some campaign event.

    A campaign message that is focused on “I almost got Hillary elected” is, by definition, not a winning message. That Virginia was a win for her matters little mainly because he was in Brooklyn, not Richmond.

    The LG job is much more than casting tie-breaker votes. Chairing boards and commissions is important policy stuff that the LG does. I hardly think being Hillary’s chief cheerleader is a qualification. Justin Fairfax, on the other hand, has a fully developed policy book and the charisma to explain it.

  • pa2vadem

    For a woman candidate I recommend Ann Holton. She then would be in line for the governorship next time. Virginia’s version of Hillary Clinton.

    • Anne Holton rocks, LOVE her. But is she interested in running? So far, I haven’t heard any indication that she is. but we’ll see….

      • John Farrell

        Can’t wait to hear Ms. Holton’s explanation for the atrocious 4 year graduation rates at GMU, ODU, VCU, CNU to which the vast majority of FCPS grads get shunted by our wonderful state higher educational system.

        But then she was only Secretary of Education for three years.

    • dave schutz

      Um, Hillary Clinton just lost. Maybe the model you want is Lurleen Wallace?
      A more serious response would be that having worked in campaigns has not usually been a strong path to office. Having been a staffer (for example, Comstock succeeding Wolf) has worked well, as has having held lower office – which Mr. Parkhomenko tried, I remember getting the robocall endorsement for him from Bill Clinton, in the primary which Patrick Hope won and as I remember Alan Howze came in second.

  • John Farrell

    So tell us, Adam, which part of the Clinton program will you be running on:



    Repeal of Glass-Stegall


    Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell

    The Iraq War

    The mass incarceration Crime Bill

    So much to choose from its hard to figure out why anyone voted for Bernie or the Orange Dough Nut.

    Seriously, Lowell & Ben, the ABJ campaign is already getting old.

  • Philip Whitman

    Based on what I know about Parkhomenko, I think he would be a great addition to the race. As would Holton, if she were interested.