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Monday News: “Patriotic Opposition to Donald Trump”; “The Tainted Election”; Bolton’s Insane “False Flag” Charge


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, December 12.

  • Just wanted to highlight this superb comment from today’s EJ Dionne column in the WaPo:

    “Everyone I know is having nightmares, inability to sleep, a sense of being in a bad dream, or political horror movie. It seems that this has been developing in the shadows–an American troll culture ready to blow up our precious constitutional order–as well as a deep Russian link with our far right, ready to subvert American democracy. Time to be nice is over. Our networks interview partisan pundits rather than experts in law and history. Trump is a thug who will stop at nothing and who hates American processes and values. If this is not fully investigated–as well as the obvious Russian connections of Manafort and the Conways–I really don’t know if anyone has enough courage to stave off fascism here. Who knew? Who could have imagined?”

  • Virginia Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (far-right “R”) just introduced this bill


  • Rep. Don Beyer: “The people of this country deserve to have faith in their elected leaders’ ability to work for them without conflicts of interest, but one of our most important norms protecting that faith – the release of tax returns by major party presidential candidates – has now been broken. I have cosponsored bills by Congressman David Cicilline and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to restore that trust by writing the requirement to disclose tax returns into law.”

  • Andy Schmookler

    Today’s collection of headlines/stories in the news summary must be the most harrowing ever to be seen here on BV. When even mild-mannered E.J. Dionne is talking about nightmares, and describing Trump as a thug, and worrying about the danger of our constitutional order being blown up, we have indeed crossed a major threshold.

    I only hope that we have not been too late to arrive at this level of alarm about what has arisen on the right.

    BTW, tomorrow I will be posting my latest message to the conservatives of this region– an attempt to explain to them why it is that many of us have felt devastated by this election. The piece is called “A Crisis of the Spirit?” and it explains why this election does not seem like just another usual election, but to threaten to change the very nature of our nation.

  • Congressman-Elect McEachin Statement on President-Elect’s Response to Russian Hacking

    Richmond- Congressman-Elect Donald McEachin (Virginia-04) today issued this statement in response to President-Elect Trump’s mockery of the intelligence community conclusion on Russian election hacking and interference:

    “I am dismayed at the president-elect’s response to the intelligence community’s report. As an American elected official, my outrage at Russian behavior, unfortunately, does not influence or impact Russian outcomes. The Russians are not interested in taking my foreign policy advice.

    “However, as a US Congressman, I must express my deep and serious concern about President-Elect Trump’s response to this very disturbing report. To dismiss our hard-working and dedicated intelligence community and to defend a foreign power over our own country is simply inexcusable. He has chosen to take the word of a foreign strongman over the expert judgment of dedicated American security professionals.

    “I call on President Trump to retract his statement. I further call on the House of Representatives to follow the Senate and authorize a thorough bipartisan inquiry into Russia’s unacceptable action.”

  • Quizzical

    Its hard to reconcile the $500 billion Russian oil deal with Tony Seba’s lecture about disruption in the energy and transportation industries.

    • Agreed. I mean, solar and wind prices continue to fall, as do energy storage costs, and these trends are almost certain to continue. Also, the need to slash CO2 emissions is greater than ever. So…yeah, makes no sense in so many ways to push for more fossil fuels, particularly in expensive/risky places like the Arctic. But these guys apparently just want to make a quick buck or bililon bucks or whatever, screw the planet, screw inexorable trends in the energy business, etc.

      • Quizzical

        The trouble is that if what Tony Seba says is right, e.g., about solar polar on a utility scale being cheaper than anything else – oil, gas, coal, nuclear, etc — then these billionaire oligarchs know they only have a limited window of time to get their oil, gas and coal to the market. And it may be too late already. So when I read articles like this

        I see a risk of huge, failed investments and stranded assets. And that’s if we are lucky. If we are unlucky, the oil industry is going to do everything in its power to slow down or kill solar power. Kind of like Dominion Power does in Virginia.

        • Yep, I think the billionaire oligarchs DO know that – their time is running out – so they want to maximize their $$$ over the next few years, screw their kids, grandkids, investors, etc. As for Dominion, they are in this same category, and anyone who goes along with them is condemning Virginia to making massive mistakes (e.g., huge “stranded assets” going forward).