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Thursday News: “The bloodbath in Aleppo will haunt humanity”; “Donald Trump’s Alt-Reality”; “21st Century Cures Act” Signed


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, December 15. Also check out President Obama signing the 21st Century Cures Act.

  • This comment on EJ Dionne’s op-ed sums up my views about the Electoral College and Trump.

    What you Trumpsters fail to understand is that if Kasich, Rubio, even Jeb, would have won, we would have been disappointed, but moved on.

    But this is Trump we’re talking about. A narcissistic, misogynistic, bully who thinks he smarter than anyone else.

    He has no clue how to be President. He has no moral compass.

    This is about preserving our democracy.

  • Robert Reich: “Why is it that Democrats lose elections even when they win them, while Republicans win them even when they lose them? Because Democrats are nice wimps, and Republicans are vicious aggressors.”

  • Quizzical

    The NBC article on Putin being personally involved included this tidbit:

    “Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new
    intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material
    from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from
    diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials

    This is the result of the Trump campaign opening Pandora’s Box by encouraging, and maybe even collaborating with, Putin’s operation to sway our Presidential election. Now other countries, who have their own national interests and their own very skillful intelligence agencies, are going to see the United States “in play” and they are openly announcing that they are getting into the game too.

    Where this is all going to lead is anybody’s guess.

  • From the Justin Fairfax for LG campaign:

    ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA – Today, an extensive list of top Democratic elected officials and party activists from throughout Northern #Virginia – including #Alexandria, #Arlington, #Fairfax, #Herndon, #Loudoun, #PrinceWilliam, and #Vienna – endorsed Justin Fairfax to be elected Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2017.

    The elected and party officials jointly announced their enthusiastic support and endorsement of Justin Fairfax, who publicly announced his campaign in May 2016 – more than one year before the June 13, 2017 Primary election – and was the first Democrat to enter the 2017 race for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

    “I am tremendously honored and grateful to receive such widespread support from such an impressive group of political and civic leaders from throughout Northern Virginia. I look forward to working very closely with these leaders to bring more economic security and opportunity to every region of the Commonwealth. Together, we will continue to diversify, grow, and strengthen Virginia’s economy, create higher-paying jobs, and bring positivity and hope back to our politics. We also will work to solve the common challenges that we face, including reforming our criminal justice system and improving police-community relations, making higher education and vocational training more affordable, investing in early childhood and K-12 education and STEAM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), protecting our environment and addressing the threat of climate change, expanding voting rights, protecting women’s economic and reproductive healthcare rights, supporting our military members and their families, and better serving our fellow Virginians with disabilities and mental health challenges.”

    Northern Virginia is a key region in the Commonwealth and one of the most dynamic and growing areas in the country. With 2.8 million residents, Northern Virginia is home to approximately one-third of Virginia’s total population. Northern Virginia accounts for nearly 45% of the value of Virginia’s economic activity and approximately 37% of all employment in the Commonwealth. The area features a diversifying economy, a robust private sector and federal government presence, excellent educational institutions, and a tremendously diverse demographic population.

    The following Democratic elected officials and party leaders from throughout Northern Virginia announced their endorsement today of Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia:

    Senator Chap Petersen, 34th District
    Senator Scott Surovell, 36th District
    Delegate Paul Krizek, 44th District
    Delegate Patrick Hope, 47th District
    Delegate Marcus Simon, 53rd District
    Sheriff Stacey Kincaid, Fairfax County & City
    Board of Supervisors Member Penny Gross, Fairfax County
    Activist/Former Candidate for Clerk of Court Bettina Lawton, Fairfax County & City
    Mason District Democratic Party Chair, Rachel Rifkind, Fairfax County
    Former Democratic Party Chair, Cesar Del Aguila, Fairfax County
    Former Democratic Party Chair, Rex Simmons, Fairfax County
    Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis Randall, Loudoun County
    Board of Supervisors Member Koran Saines, Loudoun County
    Board of Supervisors Member Kristen Umstattd, Loudoun County
    Board of Supervisors Member Christian Dorsey, Arlington County
    School Board Member & Former Chairman James Lander, Arlington County
    Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos, Arlington County
    Sheriff Beth Arthur, Arlington County
    Mayor Emeritus Bill Euille, City of Alexandria
    City Council Member Willie Bailey, Alexandria
    City Council Member John Chapman, Alexandria
    School Board Member Chris Lewis, Alexandria
    Mayor Lisa Merkel, Town of Herndon
    Councilwoman Sheila Olem, Town of Herndon
    Former Delegate Michael Futrell, Prince William County
    Councilman Derrick Wood, Town of Dumfries
    Former Board of Supervisors Candidate Andrea Bailey, Prince William County (Occoquan)
    DNC Committeewoman & Former President Young Democrats of America, Atima Omara
    DPVA Veterans and Military Families Caucus, Terron Sims, II
    Former Congressional Candidate Lavern Chatman, 8th Congressional District
    DPVA Chair Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia, Evelyn Morris-Harris

    The campaign also announced that Justin Fairfax has been endorsed by a significant number of elected and party officials from throughout Virginia and that additional endorsements will be announced publicly in the near future.

    In 2013, Fairfax was a Democratic candidate for Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He earned more than 48% of the statewide primary vote and the endorsement of The Washington Post, which cited his “agile and impressive command of the issues” and his “prosecutor’s passion for justice.” In that election – his first ever run for public office – Fairfax earned more than 68,000 votes and lost by less than 2 votes per precinct statewide. In 2014, Mr. Fairfax served as Co-Chair of Virginia Senator Mark Warner’s successful reelection campaign. He currently serves as a litigator in the Tysons Corner, VA office of the law firm Venable LLP.

    Fairfax previously served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia in the Major Crimes and Narcotics Unit of the Alexandria Division. Justin is a graduate of Duke University, where he served on the Board of Trustees, and he currently sits on the Board of Visitors of the Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy. He graduated from Columbia Law School, where he was selected to be a member of the prestigious Columbia Law Review. Justin’s wife, Dr. Cerina W. Fairfax, DDS, is a graduate of the VCU School of Dentistry in Richmond, Virginia and Duke University. Justin and Cerina have one son, Cameron, and one daughter, Carys. They live in Northern Virginia where they own a thriving family dental practice.