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Video: Ed Gillespie and Corey Stewart Both Want VA to Look Like NC; Frank Wagner SUPER Excited that Trump’s President


Yep, this is the Republican 2017 Virginia gubernatorial field (not including Rob Wittman, who wasn’t at this Chamber of Commerce, and also had nothing interesting to say – as usual – in his recorded remarks — UPDATE: Wittman reportedly is out of the race). First, check out corporate lobbyist Ed Gillespie talking about how he really REALLY wants Virginia to look a  lot more like states like North Carolina, because we know how well things have worked out there (not!), either economically or politically for soon-to-be FORMER Gov. Pat McCrory. Heh.

Then check out fired-by-the-Trump-campaign-for-complete-incompetence Corey Stewart, also waxing rhapsodic about North Carolina and how Virginia should be just like that. Finally, there’s State Sen. Frank “Dominion Power’s Puppet” Wagner, who is just SO excited that Donald Trump was elected President, arguing that this is the “biggest positive economic development thing that I’ve seen in the last 30 days.”

Other than that, all of these guys spew out the usual right-wing talking points about lower taxes on corporations/rich people, reduced regulations (there goes health, safety, the environment, etc.), blah blah blah. So yeah, quite a field the Virginia GOP’s got there. Let’s just make sure that in 2017, NONE of these bozos wins.

UPDATE: Compare the right wingnuts above to Democrat Ralph Northam, the only one of the four with a serious (let alone positive, inclusive, open and welcoming) vision for the future of Virginia and by far the most impressive background (VMI graduate, service in the military, business owner, pediatric neurologist, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, etc.).

  • Who might Rob Wittman’s decision not to run for Virginia Governor in 2017 help?

    @jmartNYT (Jonathan Martin – NY Times): .@RobWittman decision to stay in House a win for @EdWGillespie’17 GOV bid: allows Gillespie to consolidate party estab, esp in coastal VA

    @jfradioshow (Trumpster and right-wing talk radio host John Fredericks) Who benefits from @RobWittman leaving GOP race for Gov? 1. @vafrankwagner gains Peninsula 2. @CoreyStewartVA he gains whenever field narrows

    @jfradioshow (Ditto) Early data has @EdWGillespie winning @RobWittman sweepstakes: 3 unit chairs, pledged to Rob in CD-1 bolt to Ed: Essex, Caroline, King George

    A Democratic elected official in the Virginia General Assembly I asked said he thought it would help Wagner.

    A Democratic operative in Northern Virginia I asked said “Probably helps Ed;
    Wittman was another mainstream candidate”

  • Right winger Pete Snyder joins team of DC/corporate lobbyist and 2017 Virginia GOP gov candidate Ed Gillespie

    …A couple months ago I endorsed Ed Gillespie for Governor. Ed is a great friend. More importantly, he is the ONLY conservative candidate in this race. And I’m proud to share today that I’m joining his team as Chairman of his campaign for Governor.

    Politics is full of career self-promoters whose principles and rhetoric change like the weather. We’ve all seen ’em.

    Ed is the exact opposite. He’s a strong, optimistic and reform-minded movement conservative. I’ve been active in the grassroots of our party for years and I know first-hand that no one has worked harder for our conservative movement or done more to elect principled Republicans than Ed Gillespie.

    Ed is bringing together a broad coalition of conservatives who are ready to unite around our shared principles and take back the Governor’s mansion in 2017. This week he was endorsed by conservative leaders and grassroots heroes like Rich Buchanan, Martha Boneta, Senator Dick Black and many, many more. Republicans from all across the party are rallying to his optimistic vision and principled leadership.

    I am excited to be working hard to elect Ed as Virginia’s next Governor. And I hope you’ll join me…

  • Corey Stewart rips Pete Snyder (from Corey’s Facebook page a couple hours ago):

    Ed Gillespie Appoints Major Trump Basher as Statewide Chair

    “Ed Gillespie has today appointed an anti-Trump activist as his Campaign Chair. Pete Snyder is well-known in Republican circles as the guy who ranted against President Elect Donald Trump in his speech at the RPV Advance last year.

    In the attached video that was recorded after the GOP Convention, he is seen bashing the GOP nominee when Republicans were trying to coalesce, calling him a “13 year old” and questioning his temperament to be Commander in Chief.

    At a time when our campaign is uniting the grassroots, Gillespie is seen appointing anti-Trump people over and over again.

    Let’s fight for conservative principles and listen to and empower the people, not DC insiders and Trump-bashers.”