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Friday News: From Russia (to Trump) with Love; Kaine Leads Fight to Save Obamacare; Liberal Redneck Thanks Obama


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, January 6. Also check out the “Liberal Redneck” thanking President Obama as only he can. 🙂

  • Video: White House Spokesman Josh Earnest responds to question on President Obama’s thoughts re: Tom Perriello.


  • Video: Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to “grow up”


  • Southern Liberal

    Greta Van Susteren is joining MSNBC during the 6 pm time slot. The announcement was made during Rachel Maddow’s show last night.

    • MSNBC continues to spiral downwards….

    • Rustbelt Democrat

      I predict her show won’t last. That 6 pm time slot hasn’t worked out for anyone. Just keep that time as straight forward news.

    • Rational Lefty

      MSNBC is actually doing the truly “progressive” thing in the larger sense: Covering all sides. When we split to FOX on right and MSNBC on left, we miss the balance.
      When we split, we are weak.
      Perhaps they will hold each other accountable?
      Perhaps they will go after CNN and BBC?
      Certainly, they are going after FOX, leaving them with far-right-old-white-male-consciousness. How stunning to see the women walk and their abusive leader booted out in disgrace.
      I think NBC AND MSNBC will be stronger.
      MSNBC has been growing a powerful young group of progressive professional journalists into successful commenators and pundits including Steve Kornaki, Joy Reid, Ari Melber, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and all the great campaign “road warriors.” They keep experimenting with new combinations and formats.
      I am optimistic.

      • Pragmatic Progressive

        I’m not a fan of either Megyn or Greta but I think a wait and see approach is best.

  • Elaine Owens

    Overflow crowd for Perriello in Alexandria.

  • Video: Mark Warner says Republican plan to repeal Obamacare with no replacement makes no sense, will create ‘complete chaos”


  • Governor McAuliffe Urges Virginians to Prepare for Major Winter Storm

    RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe today urged Virginians to prepare for a major winter storm, which could result in up to one foot of snow in southeast Virginia, with snowfall totals in other areas of the state ranging from one to ten inches. Wind gusts of up to 35 mph and freezing temperatures are expected and heavy snow could result in power outages on Saturday as well.

    “With this forecast in mind, all Virginians should take the necessary precautions now to ensure they are prepared for travel disruptions and possible power outages during a cold weather period,” said Governor McAuliffe. “Please check on neighbors, especially the elderly and those who are unable to leave their homes, as well as family and friends to ensure they are ready for this storm and any possible inconveniences or interruptions that may result.”

    “Our public safety agencies are taking actions now to respond to this winter storm,” stated Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran. “The Virginia Emergency Support Team, coordinated by VDEM, is working with our local government partners to preposition resources and additional capabilities to ensure the safety of residents across Virginia.”

    “VDOT has been pre-treating roads in advance of the storm. We are prepared with crews, equipment and materials and will work throughout the storm to plow roads,” said Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne. “Driving conditions during the storm are expected to be hazardous and motorists are urged to stay off the roads until the storm passes.”

  • Video: Michelle Obama says being First Lady the “greatest honor of my life…I hope I’ve made you proud.” My god, yes, YES you have! Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle Obama, you are amazing!


  • Video: President Obama Sits Down with Vox’s Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff on the Affordable Care Act


  • Great news from Rep. Don Beyer:

    Beyer Hails President Obama’s Decision To Deny All Permits For Seismic Airgun Blasting In Atlantic Ocean

    Rep. Beyer had previously introduced legislation to block seismic airgun blasting

    January 6, 2017 (Washington, DC) – Congressman Don Beyer today applauded the Obama Administration’s decision to deny all applications for permits to pursue petroleum exploration in the Atlantic Ocean through seismic airgun blasting. Beyer introduced bipartisan legislation in July to halt the practice along the Atlantic seaboard.

    “Airgun blasting threatens important species, including critically endangered North Atlantic right whales, as well as our coastal communities.” said Rep. Don Beyer. “Marine life and ocean biodiversity are vital to tourism, recreation, and many other industries which drive coastal economies. Above all, protecting these species by stopping seismic airgun blasting is a good move for the environment and I thank President Obama for taking this action.”

    Seismic airgun pulses are loud, repetitive, explosive sounds used to identify oil and gas reservoirs deep in the ocean floor. Sound travels more efficiently under water that these seismic blasts are known to cause hearing damage, stress, and other harm to a range of aquatic species, including the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, of which fewer than 500 remain.

  • Virginia 2017 LG field expands by one, as Democrat Susan Platt now a candidate


  • WakeUp

    We especially like Trae’s ‘Liberal Redneck’ piece – WAY BACK in the SUMMER – warning ‘you all’ about why Trump would win! Michael Moore said the same thing – LONG BEFORE THE ELECTION DAY – and he knows an entirely different part of the country! SO these two keen social and cultural observers – VERY DIFFERENT cultural references but ALIKE WITH THE SAME MESSAGE – should have stirred some body up … But we Educated Rednecks or Rural Virginia haven’t seen a single damn effort reaching out here from Virginia Democratic Party. Oh we get aplenty emails to send money; BUT we are not that stupid. YOU SEND US the money to have a Democratic Voice in rural Virginia. But we’re not hopeful at all about the situation because we ain’t heard a word of REAL reaching out, AT ALL.

  • Video: Congressman Donald McEachin Defends the Affordable Care Act


  • Interesting…the party establishment really closing ranks around Ralph Northam.

    Democrats From Virginia’s Congressional Delegation Voice Support for Northam for Governor

    Richmond, VA – Today, Democrats from Virginia’s Congressional delegation voiced their support for Ralph Northam’s candidacy for governor.

    Yesterday, Governor McAuliffe and Attorney General Herring each affirmed their endorsements for Lieutenant Governor Northam, and the House and Senate Democratic caucuses unanimously endorsed his candidacy.

    Senator Mark Warner said of his endorsement:

    “As I said in my June endorsement of the lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam is a consensus builder with a lifetime record of service. There is no one more committed to making higher education affordable and a good-paying job available for all Virginians. While I like Tom Perriello and respect his public service, I believe Ralph Northam will be a strong Governor committed to creating jobs and diversifying our economy. ”

    Senator Tim Kaine said of his endorsement:

    “Tom Perriello is a good friend, a great public servant, and a good Democrat, but I’ve long supported Ralph Northam and he will continue to have my support in his run for Governor of Virginia.

    “In a state that is so deeply tied to the military, Ralph’s long and distinguished career in the Army will enable him to connect to Virginia’s military community in a unique and effective way. In a time when some are trying to strip health care from hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Virginia families, Ralph’s experience as a medical doctor, specializing in pediatric neurology, makes him the right choice to protect and strengthen our healthcare system. And as the effects of climate change pose a danger to our state and a threat to our economy, Ralph’s long record of environmental stewardship make him a great match for Virginia.”

    Congressmen Scott, Beyer, and McEachin, said of their endorsement:

    “Ralph Northam has been committed to public service for his entire life. His experience as an army veteran and a doctor led him to continue his service in elected office. He has used that platform to broaden access to healthcare and ensure our military veterans can use their skills to find quality jobs. In the Virginia Senate and as Lieutenant Governor, he fought for women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions, stood up in support of universal background checks and banning military style assault weapons, and always advocated to expand of voting rights.“

  • More from Susan Platt for LG:

    “As required by Virginia law I filed a committee today with the State Board of Elections to explore this potential candidacy…I’m traveling Virginia to get feedback from voters directly before making my final decision. See you soon!”

  • Bye bye Del. Mark Dudenhefer (R-2nd HoD district; a 58% Obama district). Go Josh King (D)!

    “I want to thank my family, constituents, and colleagues for their selfless support during my time in the House of Delegates. One of the great honors of my life has been serving in the Virginia House of Delegates. Many times, as I sat in my chair on the House floor, I reflected on the great Americans/Virginians who served in those very chambers. I take pride in the work that we accomplished. I only hope that my small contribution has lived up to the high standards expected by the citizens of the Commonwealth, especially those in House District 2.”

    “It has become clear to me that I can better serve my God, my family, and my fellow man by pursuing a different course. I have not decided exactly what that path will be, but I will always remain a steadfast voice for transportation improvements and better communities. I felt it was important to announce my intentions not to run for re-election early enough to give others as much time as possible to plan an effective campaign.”

  • Robert Reich:

    Trump has now made clear he intends to keep fighting the intelligence community’s findings of Russia’s (i.e. Putin’s) intervention in the 2016 election on his behalf, calling it a “political witch hunt.” He also wants to mount an investigation into how NBC News got details of the intelligence report.

    Trump has no ideology, no principles, no values – other than his domination and others’ submission. That’s why he despises and denigrates independent centers of power that disagree with him – the press, the intelligence agencies, government scientists, the Fed. And why he’s drawn to tyrants abroad.

    Two weeks from today Trump will be sworn is as President of the United States. Yet he does not understand or respect democratic institutions. He does not regard himself as a public servant or the presidency as a public trust. This will be his undoing. Before his four-year term is over, either he will be impeached or our democracy and civil liberties will be undermined.

    Our duty as citizens will be to minimize the damage and to stand up against his tyranny. #resisttrump.