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Video: Corey Stewart Questions if “Establishment Ed” Gillespie Is Conservative, Catholic, “Even a Good Man”


Corey Stewart:”My opponent, Ed Gillespie, Establishment Ed, just came out that he would not sign a bill prohibiting late-term abortions in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To me this is absolutely shameful. I gotta tell you, this is one of those issues that is really to the core, it defines who you are; if you can’t even stand for life for those who are unborn, this is one of the first things that I will do as governor is to sign a bill that would prohibit late-term abortions…I just am having a hard time understanding how Ed Gillespie can call himself a conservative, how he can call himself a Catholic, how he can call himself frankly even a good man – somebody who’s for late-term abortions should not be governor and should definitely not be given the nomination for Republican candidate for governor. So, I’m calling on Ed to either get out of the race…Let’s end the scourge of abortion in Virginia.”

P.S. The race for who’s the most extreme, out-of-the-mainstream Republican to get the 2017 Virginia GOP’s gubernatorial nomination is on!

  • Corey is flat out lying. While I agree with Stewart on life, I cannot support a candidate so blatantly dishonest. I mean, anyone so extreme that he gets fired by Trump…..

    • Was Corey fired because he was too extreme even for Trump, too incompetent or both?

      • He spread lies about the Trump campaign pulling out of Virginia and then protested the RNC. Many folks in the Trump campaign and Virginia Republicans believe Stewart’s antics may have cost Trump Virginia. However, I think NOVA is truly what keeps Virginia blue.

        • I mean, in the end Clinton won the state by 5 points, which is exactly in the middle of Obama’s 6-point and 4-point victories in Virginia in 2008 and 2012. Pretty much where you’d expect, in other words. So, I strongly doubt “Stewart’s antics…cost Trump Virginia.”

          • I concur, however he certainly did nothing to help Trump, which was his job. So, yes, incompetence and his extreme behavior.

          • Which is exactly why I hope Republicans nominate him for governor in 2017. 😉