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Saturday News: Judge Stop Trump Travel Ban; Trump Works to Make White Supremacy Great Again


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, February 4.

  • VIdeo: Gov. McAuliffe holds roundtable and prayer service with Muslim community leaders in Sterling, VA


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  • True Blue

    I’m liking this: “The feckless hand wringers who are now pleading for us all to get along are fretting that if you try to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination, the Republican leadership in the Senate will “go nuclear” and get rid of the long-standing 60-vote requirement for a Supreme Court appointment that’s meant to be a moderating force.

    They probably will. But if their exercises in power politics have taught you anything, it’s that you’re not going to stop them from getting rid of the filibuster whenever it suits them. So you might as well start fighting like hell today, when Trump’s popularity is low and his leadership skills are in serious doubt.

    Obstruct Gorsuch, not on the merits but on principle. You may not be able to even the score, but you will be able to show the public that the days of Democratic obsequiousness are over.

    Don’t ask him any questions at his hearing. This will dramatize the point you’re trying to make and recall the GOP’s failure to give Garland a hearing in which he would have been asked questions. And do provide to the White House a list of moderate Republican judges whom you consider acceptable replacements for Gorsuch.

    They’ll ignore it. But even if, as expected, you lose this round, at least you’ll have your self-respect back.”