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Video: Yorktown HS Students Defend Diversity Posters, Decry Post-Trump “Wave of Hate”


Great stuff by Arlington Yorktown High School students, pushing back hard against the post-Trump “wave of hate” sweeping the country and their school, and also defending the posters celebrating diversity, science, women’s rights, etc. Note that those posters have been attacked by many of the same people (Trump supporters, right wingers) responsible for said “wave of hate.” It’s time for the majority of Americans to join these Yorktown High School students in utterly rejecting Trump and Trump supporters’ ignorance, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, etc.

P.S. For the full video of last night’s Arlington County School Board meeting, including all the speeches by Yorktown High School students, please click here..

  • Arthur

    As a member of the first graduating class of ’62 I have always been proud of Yorktown High School and its students. Still am. Good Job Patriots !

  • kmrotterdam

    That is genuine learning: when students use skills and abilities to become involved and effect positive change in the world . I’m disappointed in the demeanor of the board speaker by the condescending manner in which these young students were treated, as though they could merely be tolerated … at least in this clip.

  • Vivek Jain

    To the students, parents, school faculty, and members of the community: please take a look at Howard Zinn’s collection of essays titled “A Power Governments Cannot Suppress” for more on Justice, Equality, Human Freedom, and the necessity of disobedience and class struggle from below.