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Watch Out Virginia House Republicans: You. Are. Next.


If I were the Virginia GOP and/or Virginia House Republicans, I’d be very very worried right about now. Can’t wait until November! 🙂

P.S. For a list of Democratic candidates and the most vulnerable Republican incumbents, click here.

  • TheVirginia

    Of course,the question is will Democrats be able to maintain this level of activism until November, then into 2018? I try to imagine what might happen that could cause Democratic enthusiasm to wain. The indifference of Democratic voter base in 2010 and 2014 does not bode well for good results in the midterms. Were the November election results enough of a shock to the system to provide years of resistance? God, I hope so.

  • old_redneck

    For those who have not read the book “Ratf###ed,” I recommend you get a copy now and read it. After reading the Kindle version, I purchased two copies and will donate one each to the Lancaster and Northumberland public libraries.

    Every 10 years we have a national census. States are required by the Constitution to align their Congressional districts based on the latest census. The author of “Ratf###ed” describes how Republican activists recognized the implications of gerrymandering state and Congressional districts. He then describes exactly how they did it in several states.

    The outcome is that, no matter how much we Democrats try, we are not likely to take back state legislatures or Congress for a LONG time. Just as Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the White House, so did Democrats win a majority of opulare votes nationwide for the past few years, yet, we continue to lose seats in state legislatures and Congress because of the way districts are drawn.

    The book’s conclusions are both disappointing and encouraging. Disappointing in that we have a long haul ahead of us. Encouraging in that we know how to undo what was done.