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Saturday News: George Takei vs. Devin Nunes or April Fool’s Joke?; “What Is Michael Flynn’s Game?”; The Truth Is In Danger


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, April 1.

  • Virginia State Senators Scott Surovell and Chap Petersen go their separate ways…

    Sen. Petersen:

    All good things must eventually end. So it is with my partnership with Surovell Isaacs Petersen & Levy, a great law firm with lots of great lawyers. Twelve years ago, the partners took me in “off the street” as former big firm partner with one client. Thank you Dorothy Ann Maguire Isaacs David M. Levy Scott A. Surovell Don Markle and Rob Surovell. We tried a lot of cases and won most of them. On April 1, I am forming my own firm, Chap Petersen & Associates, which will focus on business law, commercial litigation and property rights. We will be located at 3970 Chain Bridge Road in downtown Fairfax City, a block from my childhood home. Thank you to David Amos Margaret Lubash Mina Min and Sandra Luevano for starting up with me. And thank you to my co-owner and “partner for life” Sharon Kim Petersen for sharing this dream with me. More details to follow.

    Sen. Surovell:

    About 10 years ago, my friend and fellow attorney Chap Petersen was restless, tired of a DC commute and looking to have a bit more freedom than big firms afford, and joined our band of pirates that we started back in 2002. Today, he’s moving on, hanging his own shingle across the street from his grandmother’s home at the corner of Main St. & Chain Bridge Road, and our pirate ship sails on to our 15th anniversary later this year with a tweak to our name, url (www.surovellfirm.com), etc. Best wishes to Chap on his next endeavor and bad guys in NOVA should watch out as all of us continue to fight for truth and justice in Northern Virginia.

  • Video: Protest Against Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA-05)


    • True Blue

      It seems that Tom Garrett forgot to inform his supporters outside the venue (quotes from The Roanoke Times article above):

      1) “There’s no place for white supremacy in the forum of Thomas Jefferson’s university,” he said.
      *A sign with a green frog curiously disappeared after a few minutes, but Loudmouth with a megaphone kept saying “pepe q” over and over. Hmmm.

      2) “[Garrett] also supports securing America’s borders, but said experts have proved that a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico is not the most effective implementation plan.”
      *Loudmouth started on building the wall.

      3) “Garrett didn’t hesitate to question Trump’s actions or campaign rhetoric. . . The congressman said that, even as a Trump supporter, he frequently scratches his head over the president.”
      *Loudmouth tried to taunt with uninformed propaganda rants, but the protestors danced with prepared chants.

      4) “Throughout the forum, Garrett was blunt and unfazed as constituents vocally voiced their displeasure at his answers.”
      *A commenter called it the clown hall.

  • Video: Storm damage in Virginia Beach


  • That’s definitely a good one for Ralph Northam!

    STATEMENT: Northam Proudly Accepts Virginia Education Association Endorsement

    Richmond, VA – Today, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam accepted the endorsement of the Virginia Education Association, representing more than 50,000 educators, at the group’s annual convention in Roanoke. The group’s announcement comes after the lieutenant governor addressed educators around the Commonwealth on Thursday. During a question and answer session, he shared his vision for making a quality education available to every Virginian, no matter who you are, no matter where you are.

    As a state senator and as lieutenant governor, Northam has worked to increase investment in early childhood education, in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) education, and advocated for increasing pay for Virginia’s teachers, which falls short of the national average. These are among the provisions included in the education plan Lieutenant Governor Northam unveiled on Thursday.

    “Ralph understands the foundational role public education plays in the future of our state,” said VEA President Jim Livingston, who also serves as chairman of the VEA Fund. “He’s the best candidate for our students, schools and educators, and he has an excellent track record of working to meet their needs. We took a good look at the candidates but Ralph is clearly the best qualified to be our next governor.”

    Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam issued the following statement in response to Friday’s Virginia Education Association endorsement:

    “I am truly honored to receive the support of Virginia’s educators. I’m a proud product of Virginia public schools — and I’ll fight for them as governor. Every child in the Commonwealth deserves a shot at success, and that starts with a quality education. But we can’t provide that to our students without ensuring our educators have the support and resources they need. VEA will have a partner in me and a seat at the table and I’m humbled to accept their endorsement.”

  • DLCC Announces Record-Breaking Recruitment in Virginia
    Virginia Democrats Welcome Surge of New and Diverse House Candidates

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post lauded the incredible recruitment achievements in Virginia in the wake of the conclusion of primary candidate filing in House of Delegates races. This recent influx of new and diverse candidates in Virginia is only the most recent display of the surge of Democratic engagement and excitement surrounding state legislative elections. More than half of the 76 Democratic candidates running in 48 GOP-held seats are women.

    “The landmark success of Democratic recruitment in Virginia House races is yet another demonstration of the incredible energy surrounding statehouse elections,” said Post. “This remarkable recruitment achievement comes on the heels of our recent special election victories and reaffirms that Democrats are deeply invested in the party’s future. Many of these candidates will bring underrepresented voices to the state capitol, and they are some of the thousands of Democratic candidates nationwide who will build out the party’s bench over the coming election cycles and help determine the balance of power nationwide in the next round of redistricting.”

    Recruiting efforts in Virginia kicked off the day after the 2015 election and have resulted in Democratic challengers running in all 17 Republican-held districts carried by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Overall, Democrats are running in 82 districts (of 100); since the final filing deadline is not until June 13, that number is expected to grow.

    Democrats have already set the stage for electoral victories this cycle. Last fall, Democrats flipped majority control of the New Mexico House, Nevada Assembly, Nevada Senate, and Alaska House. Since November, Democrats have won special elections in the Iowa House, Iowa Senate, Virginia House, Virginia Senate, Delaware Senate, Connecticut House, Connecticut Senate, and Pennsylvania House.

  • Quizzical

    USNavy commissions another warship

    The Arleigh Burke class destroyers are 9200 tons. For comparison, a Fletcher class WWII destroyer was 2050 tons.

    I suppose Trump would take credit for strengthening the Navy.

  • Quizzical
  • Filibuster

    Where is Mark Warner on filibustering Gorsuch?
    Tim K and 37 other dems are on board.

    The argument about the ” historic nature of the deliberative body” being destroyed is so last year. Mitch McConnell destroyed the deliberative body last year when he, and all other repubs, refused even a hearing to Merrick Garland. So, Mark, that argument does not hold water.

    Mark, what you should think about is how narrow your election victory was last time around. This is one democrat voter who will make a note of the stand you take on the Gorsuch filibuster.

    Take a stand Mark, please!