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Video: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Tom Perriello for VA Governor


After Tom Perriello announced his candidacy for Virginia governor on January 4, I remember thinking that if he managed to raise a ton of money fast, put together a super-strong campaign team and received the endorsements of major national figures like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama, then it really could be an interesting contest with Ralph Northam, who had a huge head start and most Virginia endorsements, including Gov. McAuliffe’s, locked down. Now, it’s the end of April, and Perriello has raised a lot of money, put together what appears to be a strong campaign, and has received the endorsements of Senator Sanders, many of President Obama’s top administration officials (although not yet Obama himself; we’ll see) and now…Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Check out the video below of Warren endorsing Perriello, stating that “I think that if he’s governor, he would be terrific.” Also, click here for the scoop by The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim. Oh, and cue the media narrative about how it’s the “progressive vs. centrist wings” (or whatever) of the Democratic Party.

  • Tom Perriello’s statement:

    “Students, workers and consumers have always had a champion in Senator Warren, a movement leader who has spent her career fighting to protect us from corporate greed and crushing debt. She led the 2014 fight that would have allowed 629,000 Virginians to refinance their federal student loans, and she created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which protects Virginia families from predatory lenders and abuses by credit card and mortgage companies. I’m proud to have her support in my progressive campaign to raise wages, make college more affordable, and put consumers ahead of unchecked greed, so that no Virginia family is left behind.”

  • Philip Whitman

    I really wish the media would stop trying to shoehorn the progressive vs. centrist narrative into every story. Although one of the polls (I forget which) showed a bit of a correlation between Clinton/Northam and Sanders/Perriello, there also was a good amount of crossover in both directions.