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Video: Tough Guy Corey Stewart Makes Excuses for Colleagues Endorsing Ed Gillespie, Says “It’s Not About the Confederate Flag”


What a whining little b**** this guy is. Just remember a few things as you watch this pathetic video by Corey Stewart: 1) this is the same guy, born and raised in Minnesota by the way, who’s been waging a neo-Confederate campaign, who just a couple weeks ago proclaimed his pride for the Confederate flag at the “Old South Ball” in Danville, Virginia, and who is now claiming it’s “not about the Confederate flag” after all; 2) Corey’s getting his butt kicked by all metrics – polls, fundraising, straw polls, you name it – by Ed Gillespie; and 3) most recently, Corey was rejected by four of his fellow Republican Prince William County Supervisors, plus Prince William County’s Sheriff, all of whom endorsed Ed Gillespie for Governor over him. So now, it’s all about the “far left” and a war on Virginia’s “identity” and the “bondage” of “political correctness,” which he vows to “stomp out” and “destroy” because it’s “not something that belongs in a free society.” Yeah, the guy’s a Virginia Republican all right…

  • old_redneck

    This guy is EXACTLY like Donald Trump.

    Did anyone notice the kid in the back seat at the end of the video?? Apparently one of his kids who is embarrassed at his father’s ignorant raving.

    • Yeah, that kid’s like WTF?

  • oldtowner

    wow…..talk about “distracted driving!” Too bad he didn’t get into an accident. Guy is a nut case……