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Wednesday News: Spicer Unhinged; KS Special Election Should Have VA GOP Verrrry Worried; Bye Bye Bill O’Reilly?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, April 12.

  • Arthur

    I lived in Richmond for 30 years. I came from Arlington. For the first 7 years of my stay I took the Times-Disgust and occasionally read the News-Loser. After listening to the rants of Ross Mackenzie and other neo-confederates at the at these two papers I had enough and I wouldn’t pay to get the garbage these two publications spouted. I noted on your blog, which I get a kick out of reading, the remaining Confederate rag sheet, the T-D, now wants us to pay to read their articles on your blog. No thanks! I would suggest to you that you drop them. They are dying anyway and whatever you can do to hasten the process the better.

  • Quizzical

    There’s a report this morning in the Washington Post that “Trump changes course again, says health-care repeal must happen before tax overhaul.” The article explains that Congressional budget rules make it much easier to pass a broad overhaul of the tax code once the roughly $1 trillion in taxes that are in the ACA have already been repealed.

    This explanation doesn’t make sense. They are leaving out the part about how repealing the ACA will take away health insurance from millions of people, who can’t afford health insurance without the federal subsidies, with a corresponding reduction of federal spending on those subsidies. Then they use that reduction in spending to “pay for” the planned tax cuts both under the ACA and general tax reform. Right? The article makes it sound like the trillion dollar cut of the taxes that funded the ACA is going to make it easier to pass other tax cuts. Tax cuts in one area don’t “pay for” other tax cuts in other areas.

  • Governor McAuliffe Statement on President Trump’s Actions Regarding Federal Workforce

    Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement on the Trump Administration’s directive lifting the federal hiring freeze, but also directing agencies to submit plans for long-term cuts to their workforce:

    “President Trump’s hiring freeze was a misguided policy that damaged the ability of federal agencies to serve the American people. It also posed a significant threat to the Virginia economy as many of the workers impacted by that policy call our Commonwealth home. I was a vocal opponent of this policy and I am pleased to see it end – however that positive step is negated by the drastic cuts the President announced today.

    “Today’s announcement indicates that the President is pursuing a course that could be even more damaging than the hiring freeze, both to this Commonwealth and to our entire nation. Slashing the federal workforce in the manner the President has proposed will hamstring functions of government, harm employee morale and deal a serious blow to the Virginia economy. There is no question that we should be finding ways to make government less costly and more efficient at every level – but the President’s proposal seems more focused on advancing his political agenda than the interests of American taxpayers.”

  • From the Northam for Governor campaign:

    STATEMENT: In Half The Time, Northam Has More Cash On Hand; Continues To Outpace Gillespie For The Cycle

    Richmond, VA – Today, Ed Gillespie announced he has less cash on hand than Ralph Northam, which is stunning as Lt. Governor Northam had half the amount of time to fundraise due to the legislative session. Lt. Governor Northam raised nearly $1.5 million in 46 days. Northam was barred from fundraising during the legislative session. Northam has over $3.32 million cash on hand as of the March 31st reporting.

    Lt. Governor Northam has a vast grassroots network with more than 44,972 contributions, and 12,119 in the first quarter alone, with 92% of all contributions being $100 or less. 85.5% of the total amount raised came from Virginians.

    Ed Gillespie has none of the above.

    In addition, Lt. Governor Northam has raised $5.38 million for the cycle while Ed Gillespie has only raised $4.6 million.

    Communications Director David Turner issued the following statement in response:

    “Ed Gillespie has spent his entire career trading favors for the wealthy and corporate interests as a DC lobbyist. Yet, with 44 extra days to raise money, he still couldn’t surpass the Northam campaign’s cash on hand. That’s truly breathtaking. The biggest gator in the swamp is struggling to stay afloat – an ominous sign for November.”