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Ed Gillespie Open To Waiver That Could Skyrocket Costs for Virginians with Pre-Existing Conditions


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

NEW: Ed Gillespie Open To Waiver That Could Skyrocket Costs for Virginians with Pre-Existing Conditions

Trump-Gillespie Plan Could Increase Costs for 1,344,000 Virginians with Pre-Existing Conditions

In a new story out today in Newsweek, Ed Gillespie said he would consider exploring plans under Trumpcare to raise premiums on Virginians with pre-existing conditions:

If some form of a waiver makes it into the final law, [Gillespie] continued, “I’ll take a look at it, look at the cost, what the funding for a risk pool would be and the impact on Virginians before making an informed decision.”

Waiving community ratings means insurers could increase premiums by “unlimited amounts” for people with pre-existing conditions, and could once again discriminate against people based on their medical history.

According to the Brookings Institute, “people with serious health conditions would face prohibitively high premiums,” and waivers like the one that Gillespie is suggesting could “seriously jeopardize both financial security and access to care for people with serious illnesses.” This would also allow insurance companies to charge seniors six times or more what younger adults would pay.

“Falling in line with President Trump, Ed Gillespie wants to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions and let insurers jack up their rates as much as they want,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “For over a hundred thousand Virginians, a Trump-Gillespie plan could mean bankruptcy, but for others, it could mean a death sentence. The only way Virginians are going to be able to protect health care for those who need it most is by electing a Democrat as governor this fall.”

  • Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam issued the following statement in response to Ed Gillespie’s signal to insurance companies that he might waive protections for their profit:

    “If Ed Gillespie has anything to say but ‘no’ when it comes to waiving protections for Virginians with pre-existing conditions, I say as a neurologist that he needs to have his head examined. It will be open season on Virginians with preexisting conditions if insurance companies can go back to one of the industry’s worst norms. It is heartless to suggest that individuals who are already battling for their health should once again expect to battle with insurance companies over the extent of their coverage. Virginians are already eyeing Washington with uncertainty about what will happen in the fight for quality and affordable healthcare; Ed Gillespie’s comments recklessly increase that uncertainty and he should be ashamed. This is not the time for hedging bets — Ed’s comments show he is willing to gamble with people’s lives.”

  • Governor McAuliffe Statement on Ed Gillespie’s Openness to ACHA Waivers

    Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement on Ed Gillespie’s signaling that he was open to a waiver that would raise premiums on those with pre-existing conditions:

    “Once again, it is Republicans like Ed Gillespie who are putting the lives of Virginia families on the line by threatening health insurance for over a million Virginians with pre-existing conditions. Trumpcare will not only endanger those who are suffering from cancer or heart conditions, but this bill will cut essential health benefits and weaken the Commonwealth’s ability to protect our most vulnerable. Now, a Republican candidate who wants to be our next governor is open to raising costs on those who are already suffering.

    “Republicans in Washington are hellbent on throwing as many people off of health care as possible — this fall, Virginians can elect leadership in Richmond that will fight to protect their families every step of the way.”

    • mj

      The way I read Ed’s response, he is suggesting that it’s best to wait and see what happens before making an educated decision on an outcome. To me, that is the more responsible way to address the situation, rather than fear mongering.

  • ameri…canwork

    I am a partime Republican voter.
    Ed is out of touch with Va.and our issues.
    What is the professional candidates(Ed) stance
    on that mighty fine piece of work by Governor McAuliffe EO24 ?
    Ed you can’t broaden the base with payroll,employment and contractor fraud.
    Where will the infrastructure revenue really go?