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Racist, Fascist Fliers Pop Up in Alexandria; Del. Mark Levine Calls It “shocking wake-up call to see such filth”


The hateful, racist, fascistic fliers (see screen shot to the right) that popped up in Alexandria/ Del Ray today are yet another manifestation of what Trump and his ilk have unleashed in this country. We need to resist this evil, including at rallies like this one, scheduled for tomorrow on King Street in Alexandria.

Also, see the following statement from Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria). I echo his words 100%.

It is a shocking wake-up call to see such filth, particularly here in our proudly diverse and accepting community.

I have spoken at many protests against Richard Spencer and his disgusting neo-Nazi band of followers.

My only solace is that I believe they littered our city with this hate-filled trash as a reaction by them to their knowing how unwelcome in Alexandria they are.

Hopefully they will soon have enough and leave.

I believe the vicious racist lies and personal attacks, particularly those directed at Christine Fair, may well be an incitement to violence. At the very least, I think she could sue for defamation.

If anyone sees any signs of this ilk posted again, please alert me.

And if anyone sees a person posting signs like these, please call the police.

Another nasty photo, this time anti-Muslim, courtesy of a Del Ray resident, below.

UPDATE: According to Del Ray resident Eric Wagner:

I found them this morning at 7 am when I walked our dog. The first signs were right at the Duncan library which is next to the Mount Vernon Community School on East Uhler Avenue and Clyde Avenue.

I found them in a multi-block radius from Commonwealth to Mount Vernon Avenues between Clyde Avenue and Custis Avenue. I don’t know whether there were others. I took down well over fifty of the flyers.

I have not observed anyone posting the flyers. One neighbor apparently observed three men around 11 pm and maybe someone has a surveillance camera. The police is hopefully looking into this.

Most of the flyers have the bloodandsoil.org <http://bloodandsoil.org/> website listed. It seems two of them have no direct attribution; the one that says “Around Blacks …Never Relax” and the one about Christine Fair).

The timing so close to the Fair/Spencer incident at the gym seems more than coincidental.

UPDATE: Tom Perriello tweets, “Disgusting stuff in Alexandria. This is what a politics of hate, as practiced by our president, empowers.”

UPDATE: Alexandria Vice Mayor @justindotnet tweets, “Some hate-filled fliers were placed around our City yesterday. They do not represent our City and are being investigated by @AlexandriaVAPD”

  • Sarah

    This is amazing. I wish I’d thought of this. You’ll be seeing more of this, I’m sure of it.

    • rhubarb

      You wish you’d thought of what?

      • John Candor

        sharing the truth I guess.

    • Paul

      What do you mean by this is amazing???

    • Kathy

      This is sick, how does is amazes you?

    • Linus MacAlistair Stallman

      Northern Virginia Antifa are watching you.


      • kerbastrar2

        am I suppose to be scared?

      • Shandon Simpson

        Get ready for war communist scum

      • constantvigil

        Hey AntifaNV. Let’s meet
        Rules are simple be polite, no masks, no violence. Can you handle it.
        Or are these rules too hard for you

        • surreptitious pounders

          No they can’t, they are the epitome of cowardice.

      • Robert Jay

        That’s all you can do punk.

      • John Candor

        ANTIFA; spoiled rich white liberals LARPing as the proletariat. I hear some even have daddies that are Senators.


  • Randall Stevens

    Why would the police look into people hanging fliers, just because your jimmies got rustled?

    • GailGD

      Possible trespass? Littering? There could be any number of reasons. Targeting a specific individual raises alarm too.

    • Michael McCabe

      Hate speech….

      • Randall Stevens

        A.K.A. the truth.

  • Shandon Simpson

    Make Fascism Great Again

  • Photos by Melissa Feld; h/t to Alexandria Vice Mayor Justin Wilson https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4226/34903221706_933314e839_o.jpg

  • Robert Jay

    Doing something that jews and non-whites dislike is a hate crime now?

  • John Candor

    I like how no one refutes the truthfulness of the flyers; that is, the country really does suffer from an epidemic of black violence.

    “in an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.-Orwell

  • surreptitious pounders

    Alexandria has become a cesspool fashioning itself as a mini dc. I lived there for years and was constantly awoken by police sirens. Tom Pierriello is an apologist panderer of the lowest order, pretending to be among those he sympathizes with. Libtards are the true fascists of future, you don’t get to call everything hate speech to prevent the message you don’t agree with.

  • Statement from Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg:

    The fliers found in Del Ray are horrible and reflect a new low in ignorance. The Alexandria Police Department has responded quickly and is investigating. At this point, we do not know who posted the fliers. As the City Council and I stated in our Statement on Inclusiveness last November, I would like to say in the strongest possible terms that we denounce hate speech, hate crimes, and discrimination in all forms. Alexandria is a city of kindness and compassion. We are a city that is inclusive, accepting, and embracing. Diversity is a core value here. We as a community are far stronger than a few fliers, and we will remain steadfast in our commitment to these values which we hold so dear. Shame on those who have posted these hateful fliers. I know Alexandrians far and wide share these values. All across our city, we see yard signs that speak to kindness and inclusiveness. As hate speech and acts against humanity shock all Americans around the nation, all of us have a role to play as we state unequivocally that such acts do not reflect the values of our beloved community and nation.

  • Gray Liddell

    Rush lyrics to the song Subdivisions

    “In the high school halls
    In the shopping malls
    Conform or be cast out”

    I think they got the idea from Solomon Asch.

  • Nico Corr

    Honestly I can do without the virulent racism, but what’s wrong with fascism? It seems to me like we could use some of the discipline and security that it offers in our time.

  • Old Sod

    Pamphleteering is a time honored tradition as far back as the American Revolution when late night inflammatory screeds were posted in the town square rousing the passions of the local Torries.