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Video: Yasmine Taeb Speaks Out in Richmond, VA Against Trump’s “Immoral” Muslim Ban


See below for video of Yasmine Taeb of the Friends Committee on National Legislation speaking out against the Trump Administration’s “discriminatory, unconstitutional…unconscionable…immoral” Muslim ban today in Richmond as the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears the case. As Virginia AG Mark Herring says: “Proud to be working w/ colleagues to fight this unconstitutional, un-American ban…Seems pretty fitting that today’s Muslim ban hearing is just a few blocks from where Jefferson’s Statute for Religious Freedom was enacted.” So true.

  • VA AG Mark Herring statement:

    “Today the Trump Administration again tried to defend the indefensible, hanging its hat on the extraordinary claim that a President’s actions are unreviewable, unquestionable, and beyond judicial examination. The religious discrimination at the heart of President Trump’s first Muslim ban remains the fatal flaw of his second. Freedom of religion is a bedrock value of our Commonwealth and our country, which is why it is so fitting that this hearing was held just blocks from where Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was signed. I will continue to do all I can to ensure Virginians feel welcome to worship according to their heart and conscience without fear of intimidation or discrimination.”

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