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Blue Virginia Poll for Governor, Lt. Governor (Democrats): FINAL RESULTS


FYI, I’ll leave this poll open until Sunday evening…

UPDATE (5:14 pm Sunday evening, as promised): Here are the final results from the (non-scientific, of course) Blue Virginia poll…

GOVERNOR: 1,867 total votes cast for Democrats, of which Tom Perriello received 1,034 votes (55.4%) and Ralph Northam received 833 votes (44.6%).

LT. GOVERNOR: 1,867 total votes cast for Democrats, of which Susan Platt received 797 votes (42.7%), Justin Fairfax received 674 votes (36.1%) and Gene Rossi received 396 votes (21.2%).

  • Mike H

    “If he wins next Tuesday’s primary…and then beats GOP favorite Ed Gillespie, whom he led by 13 points in one recent poll, Perriello could actually become an instant force in national Democratic politics in a way Northam, who is all establishment, could not.”


    • Skeptic

      A good point, but I’m hoping our next demo governor-either of these good guys–
      Focuses on party building in Virginia with a view to bringing the legislature back to blue..
      Ralph has more relevant experience; Tom might be able to take all his hype and expand the democratic base that votes in off years… but I’m not going to hold my breath… if Tom wins, and articles like Tomasky’s make him think he is presidential material in either 2020 or 2024, then Virginia is the loser, since we will likely still have a Repub legislature in 2024

      • What?!

        Right, let’s be sure to elect a Governor that could never be considered for a Presidential run. smh

      • Michael McCabe

        Ralph’s message is that a strong red majority in the General Assembly is inevitable and that he’s the best one to deal with it because he knows when it’s time to just give up and give in. Tom’s message is that change is possible and that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot as democrats when we try to limit our notions of what’s possible. Ralph is sold on the idea that a democratic resurgence in VA is just not going to happen, whereas Tom is taking a stand and actually leading the resurgence, both on the ground in VA and in the nation’s democratic conscience. We don’t win unless we believe that we can.

  • I voted for Northam and Fairfax. Your poll doesn’t show up in Chrome, but it does in Edge. Just so you know.

    • I’m using Chrome, it’s showing up fine for me.

      • Also just checked Firefox, working fine there as well…

        • Interesting. I can’t get it to show up in Chrome at all. It’s fine in Edge. Shrug.

          • Interesting, wonder if it’s an old version of Chrome or something else going on. No clue on this end, though; everything looks great.

        • Mr Neutron

          Not showing up in Chrome here either — fully updated and with ad blocker off, no poll showing. Northam here, either is fine but Perriello far more vulnerable IMO in an election that’s “must win”

    • Poppa Daddy

      You did the right thing. We need to take care of corporate interests so that our investments prosper. Ralph Northam is the man who understands that health care is a privilege and that great bottom line for Doctors and Insurance companies and pipelines for energy are important for the future of investments and the Virginia Retirement System. I like that about Ralph’s record.

  • Mary Jane Gallagher

    I am supporting Susan Pratt for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor. She will: focus on coordinating services for our children at the cabinet level; work to reduce opioid addiction and deaths in the Commonwealth and continue to oppose pipelines that will damage our environment. Susan has been endorsed by Emily’s List and will work to improve access to critical women’s reproductive health services.

    • Tye R

      I find Susan Platt and Justin Fairfax indistinguishable on almost all issues. However, I am leaning toward Justin as he has a history of protecting women’s reproductive rights as a co-chair of Planned Parenthood Metro Washington Action Fund. I don’t know how to interpret Susan’s long history of lobbying, especially as a tobacco lobbyist. Do we really need more lobbyists representing us? That’s why I think I will support Mr. Fairfax in the primary.

      • Mary Jane Gallagher

        Tye: Two things I want to share with you. Susan served on the Board of Directors for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia she is one of the few statewide candidates endorsed by the national organization –Emily’s List, which only supports pro-choice candidates.

        I have worked for two governors and most elected officials will tell you that lobbyists help inform a good public policy debate Susan worked for Altria and help them implement the Tobacco Legacy Fund which worked to reduce smoking especially with teenagers and that effort is very successful.

        Susan also served on a very important tourism board and focused her efforts on economic development and transportation improvement issues.

        Democratic primaries are always difficult because many of the candidates that oppose each other stand for the same critical issues. I have watched the Lt. Governor candidates speak on several occasions and my opinion is that Susan has stated her opinions on many issues–immigration policy, our opioid problem,

        • Tye R

          Thank you for informing me on her service with NARAL. I was unaware of that. Also I am confused by your wording. I knew she was endorsed by Emily’s List, but is she also endorsed by NARAL? Also I recognize the Emily’s List endorsement, but I take that with a grain of salt because, I believe, they only endorse pro-choice women. So they would have no reason to endorse anyone else, regardless of their stance, or history on women’s reproductive rights.

          I also disagree that lobbying is important to inform good public policy. I think it just means that lobbyists are aware of special interest and already have a history fighting for whatever company they were employed by. And as a lobbyist for Altria, I believe she was lobbying for the tobacco company’s best interest, which I cannot imagine being the same interest I have. Also, Mr. Fairfax was a Public Policy Major at Duke and serves on the Board of the Duke University School of Public Policy. So I think that he would be able to inform a good public policy debate as well.

          My main issue with Susan Platt is that I really don’t believe anything that tobacco companies say. Why would they employ someone as a lobbyist whose aim is to lower their profits by getting fewer teens to smoke? I understand and believe teen smoking (and all smoking) is awful, but these corporations make money off of anyone who buys their tobacco products, regardless of age. Why should I take her word, that goes against common sense, by stating she worked with the tobacco companies to lower their profits? Unfortunately, the way our capitalistic system works doesn’t lead me to believe that she really fought against the best interests of Altria while she worked there for many years– so why would she change that if she is the nominee?

        • Michael McCabe

          IMO, Fairfax and Platt both have strong pro-choice, pro-woman backgrounds, but I definitely don’t trust someone who has supported and worked with big tobacco.

          • Mary Jane Gallagher

            It is easy in a campaign to toss around phrases like”worked for big tobacco”. Ms Platt worked for Altria on the National Tobacco Trust which was focused on reducing teenage smoking. The Court ordered that tobacco companies pay for this public education campaign.

            She also worked for the union that represents the workers at Altria. She is a strong union supporter and helped to keep 3,000 to 4,000 jobs at Altria.

            So now do you get what Ms. Platt did for big tobacco.

            Sounds like a Democrat who cares about workers and the health of teenagers.

          • Tye R

            If I cared about the heal of teens, I would not collect a paycheck from a tobacco corporation no matter what. These organizations are awful. This is also an interesting read that provides some background on the tactics tobacco companies use. https://www.tobaccofreekids.org/research/factsheets/pdf/0302.pdf

    • Jonathan Erickson

      Tell me how the democrats are going to pay for all this BS?

  • Poppa Daddy

    We need realistic people in office with corporate ties who will put investments first. Healthy bottom line for Doctors and Insurance companies and pipelines for enery are important for the future of investments and Virginia Retirement System. Ralph Northam understands that health care is a privilege and that oil and gas are here to stay.

    • John Morrill


      • Michael McCabe

        This kind of thing is why we laugh when the Northam campaign calls themselves “progressive”

  • #TeamRalph. I like both candidates. Either one would be much better than any GOP gov. Here is the thing. Tom’s plan would raise taxes. The GOP (massive outside spending) will do every single thing they can to paint him as a “tax and spend” liberal. They will destroy him in the Fall. Ralph is not that person.

    For me, Gun Violence Prevention is critical. Ralph is a long time GVP advocate, while Tom was rated A by the NRA. After VA Tech, Tom refused to stand up to the NRA.

    I’m with Ralph.

    • “The GOP (massive outside spending) will do every single thing they can to paint him as a “tax and spend” liberal. ”

      BREAKING: GOP has done that – and will continue do that – to any Democrat. It’s their playbook.

      • Mr Neutron

        … in Perriello’s case it’s a much easier sale IMO

      • BREAKING: It is much easier to do that if you have a published plan that actually says that. #JustSaying

        • Michael McCabe

          So… democratic candidates SHOULDN’T have detailed tax plans because if they do then the Republicans will think that they’re… liberal?? This makes no sense.

          • Chris Ambrose

            There is nothing wrong with having a solid progressive agenda that requires (and includes) tax increases under one condition: There needs to be some chance in hell that it can pass. If the political reality is that there is ZERO chance for it to pass, it is a completely unnecessary risk. Until the makeup of the General Assembly is vastly different, there is ZERO chance these can pass. Thus he is putting the chance of the Democrats winning the election at risk for absolutely nothing. People voting for him are not voting for his policies, they are voting for an opportunity to make a values statement on those policies.

          • Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt?? LOL

          • Chris Ambrose

            That’s right. It is just like Tom’s position on community colleges. I have no problem with either Tom or Ralph’s position. I have nothing against offering no-strings attached free community college or community college costs covered by community service. The question is do votes want to make a value statement when they vote tomorrow to the effect that “I believe that community college should be a right as basic as K-12 College” even if there is not chance that right can be realized. Or do they want to vote for someone who has a plan that has a fighting chance (make no mistake about it, still an uphill fight) to get passed?

          • Hate to break it to you, but there aren’t the votes for Ralph’s proposals (or Terry McAuliffe’s either). By this “reasoning,” we might as well elect a Republican so they can “get stuff done” in a GOP-controlled legislature. Alternately, we can say f*** that and try to: a) win back the General Assembly in the next two years; b) fight for progressive values and Democratic ideals; c) if Republicans block us, run against them on exactly that fact! Beyond that, Tom Perriello has consistently been the leader in this campaign in coming up with bold, innovative, yet practical/effective ideas. That’s exactly what we need here in Virginia ,not someone enmeshed in the General Assembly’s corrupt morass.

          • Chris Ambrose

            I agree, it will be tough either way to get things done, but Ralph’s proposals are possible. Toms are not. If Tom were running on a platform saying “These are my ideals, but I need to be honest, they will never advance an inch unless we have a miracle on election day or two years later” at least he would be honest. But he, like Sanders, has his supporters believing that if they vote for him, he is actually going to do these things. It is not true and if candidates are not honest with voters, it just brings disenchantment and the withdrawl of people from the process. Like it or not, this is the system in VA that we need to work within.

          • Nope, we desperately need to change the system. Also, again, Ralph’s proposals are no more “possible” than Tom’s, they’re just weaker (and, to a large extent, copycat).

    • JodyM

      Tom Perriello did begin standing up to the NRA while at CAP Action from 2011-2014. He held events on gun violence, persuaded previous NRA endorsed Representatives to vote for background checks, and was at the Capitol reading the list of names of gun violence victims during the vigils in 2013. Like Northam, Perriello now has an F rating with the NRA. Northam did have a B rating at one time and in 2012 voted for 3 pro-gun bills (castle doctrine, gun buyback programs and fingerprinting). Neither candidate passes the purity test on guns. I have a friend and several family members killed by guns and there is no way I would be supporting Tom Perriello if I thought he would be weak on gun control.

      • “there is no way I would be supporting Tom Perriello if I thought he would be weak on gun control”

        Me either. Or if I thought he was less than super-strong on women’s reproductive freedom…

  • True Blue

    On Sat. morning there are 56 votes for the GOP. Hmmm. I haven’t spoken with any Dems who are voting in that primary. The stakes are too high! Maybe it’s because you’ve stirred up the opposition; their comments are becoming more frequent and even testy.

    • I take comfort in the thought that around 97% of poll respondents are voting in the Democratic primary. 🙂 Also, check out that tighter-than-a-tick race for LG between Justin Fairfax and Susan Platt!

      • True Blue

        It’s also comforting to see French, Netherlands, and British election results, the Ossoff polling, and the fact that 95% of Virginia Democrats give unfavorable rating to Trump (Mark Shields on Quinnipiac polling).

        I’m hopeful that turnout beats predictions and past performances!

        • Yeah, I’m hoping for YUGE turnout on Tuesday, along the lines of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. Time for very Virginian who marched in the Women’s March and who’s registered to vote to turn out on Tuesday and vote for Tom Perriello — send a message to Donald Trump (and Dominion Power) loud and clear!

          • Mollietoes

            Why would women who marched in Womens March vote for Perriello when his wishy washy history on choice is available? Northam at least is consistent in being pro choice.

          • Michael McCabe

            Both candidates have 100% questionnaire scores from NARAL

          • Withheld Information

            “While Tom was off making waves and supporting women, Ralph Northam was practicing as a pediatric neurosurgeon (a noble profession)”

            Could you get any more condescending?

  • Slavin Rose

    Yay, Susan & Tom. Great progressives, the only thing to get us out of this quagmire.

  • woodrowfan

    Any of them would be light-years better than any of the repubs. Don’t become so bitter towards the candidate you don’t chose that you lose site of that…

  • Carol Doty

    If I were registered to vote in Virginia, I’d vote for tom Perriello. I now live in Oregon, also a Blue State. Go Tom!!