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“Dump Comstock” Mobile Billboard Launched in VA-10


Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA 10) really needs to be “dumped” next year for someone a lot better. Now, can someone start up a “Dump Scott Taylor” group? “Dump Tom Garrett?” “Dump Rob Wittman?” etc.

“Dump Comstock” Mobile Billboard Launched in VA-10

Grassroots Group Hits the Road with First Stops in McLean & Sterling

MCLEAN, VA – Today the grassroots group, Dump Comstock, took their demands for a Congressional town hall on tour by launching a multimedia mobile billboard on a road trip across Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. The group’s aim is to draw attention to Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s failure to do her job by refusing to hold a town hall to hear the concerns of voters, and by repeatedly voting against the interests of constituents. Since taking office in 2015, Comstock has never held a single in-person town hall.

The Dump Comstock tour began with a Thursday morning kickoff rally at Langley Fork Park in McLean, VA. From  there, the group continued to a second rally outside Comstock’s district office in Sterling. Pictures of the mobile billboard received considerable attention on social media, with one photo being viewed by over 14,000 people.

“It’s Congresswoman Comstock’s job to listen to her constituents and vote on their behalf, and she’s failed us again and again,” said Abbey Ruby, a spokesperson for the group and a VA-10 resident. “Comstock refuses to hold a town hall to hear from or explain herself to the people she’s supposed to represent. From McLean to Winchester, in communities all across VA-10, we’re making sure our friends, neighbors, and fellow constituents know the facts about Barbara Comstock’s failure to do her job.”

The billboard will be traveling across the district and making additional appearances throughout the summer.

Dump Comstock  is a grassroots group of citizens that formed for the sole purpose of defeating Barbara Comstock on November 6, 2018 and replacing her with someone who reflects the values of VA-10. Since its founding the group has grown to include over 1,500 members and has raised over $11,000 in three months from more than 300 contributors donating an average of $36 each. For more information on Dump Comstock please visit dumpcomstock.com.

  • Tom Bruner

    I joined the Dump Comstock Facebook group several weeks ago. I like both the cause and the message. I belong to two ‘secret’ lefty political groups that are national and this was a good way for me to be involved in a local level.

    I left the Dump Comstock group yesterday because only the admins are allowed to post on the page. As a group member, I (and you, if you choose to join) are only allowed to comment on those “admin only” posts.

    That is a shame, at least to me. I felt like a minion, not as a valued member who would have helped the cause. By silencing the very people who will do the “grunt work” for the cause, they have alienated at least this willing worker. I have a voice and I felt muzzled by the movement.

    If anyone from the Comstock campaign sees my post here, don’t get your hopes up. I will still work to recruit the populace to unseat Ms. Comstock, just not as a member of the “lunatic fringe” group you dismissed as meaningless.