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Fairfax Dems Chair: “a few hundred far right activists met to nominate an extreme candidate”


From the Fairfax County Democratic Committee:


This past Saturday, the Fairfax County Republican Party held an under-the-radar caucus to quietly select their nominee for the 42nd District in the Virginia House of Delegates. They chose Tea Party activist Lolita Mancheno-Smoak to replace retiring Delegate Dave Albo.

Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Sue Langley pointed out the contrast between the parties’ nominating contests: “While a few hundred far right activists met to nominate an extreme candidate in a process out of sight to most voters, tomorrow Democratic voters from across the 42nd District will turn out by the thousands to cast their votes for one of two great candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for 42nd district Delegate, Tilly Blanding or Kathy Tran.  By excluding most voters from the process, caucuses are tailor made to nominate a candidate from outside the mainstream.”

Mancheno-Smoak’s far right credentials are clear.

  • She got her start in politics as an extreme Tea Party activist.
  • She is an anti-choice extremist and we have seen the impact of anti-choice delegates on women’s reproductive rights up close here in Virginia
  • She supports Donald Trump’s extreme policies, calling him the “ideal” president.

Langley went on to say, “We are going to pull out all stops to ensure that either Kathy Tran or Tilly Blanding is the next Delegate from the 42nd District.  The people in that district deserve better than an extreme Delegate like Smoak who is more conservative than Dave Albo.”

  • woodrowfan

    she’s not “pro life’ she’s anti-choice. that’s not just jargon. On most every other issue that shows a respect for life (health care, death penalty, anti-poverty, etc) they’re very much against.

    • Agreed; Dems REALLY need to stop using the right-wing framing of “pro life,” which is not just wrong but also insidious in a political sense.

  • woodrowfan

    one further question. why did they not use the primary? their voters are going to the polls tomorrow anyway…