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“HUGE Turnout” for Fairfax Dems Endorsement Meeting for At-Large School Board Position; Karen Keys-Gamarra Wins!


UPDATE 9:44 pm: According to Daniel Lagana of FCDC — “Tons of energy at tonight’s Fairfax County Democratic Committee School Board endorsement meeting. Congratulations to Karen Keys-Gamarra on winning the endorsement, and thank you to all of the candidates for running. We had seven eminently qualified candidates on our ballot tonight. By contrast, the GOP managed only one candidate in their endorsement meeting, with no serious educational experience, to replace a seat made vacant by a Republican no less. The special election to fill the vacant school board seat is August 29 at your regular polling station. The atmosphere was incredible tonight (can anyone say Abrar Omeish, wow!), on to victory on August 29.”

UPDATE 9:42 pm: According to Chris Ambrose, with 430 votes cast, Karen Keys-Gamarra won the FCDC endorsement. Congratulations to Karen (who I supported/endorsed); now let’s win the special election by a big margin!

According to Chris Ambrose of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC), “between 400 and 500” people attended tonight’s meeting to endorse a candidate for Fairfax County Public School Board. Chris adds that this is “Probably twice the turnout of the Republican caucus in the 42nd district and that race had more than 30 times the eligible voters.” Currently awaiting results…the winner to face this guy, who the Washington Post described in his 2011 run for County Board as having a “tissue-thin” grasp of “policy and politics,” as well as a complete lack of “any experience or qualification for the job.”

  • FCDC executive director Frank Anderson, School Board endorsee Karen Keys-Gamarra, FCDC Chair Sue Langley


  • John Farrell

    Congratulations, Karen!

    Another Emerge alum is victorious!

    Another successful IRV election.

    Special congratulations also goes to the 430 FCDC members who braved the stifling conditions in the BOS Auditorium on a steamy Friday night on the last day of school.

    Sharon Bulova (not seen) – who turned off the air conditioning?

    Thankfully, the attempt by the SB clique to rig the process for their anointed was unsuccessful. That crew is now 0-3 over the last three years.

    When are Fairfax’s elected Democrats going to figure out that attempting to dictate to the rank and file who our candidates will be is counter productive?

    On to August 29!

  • From the FCDC:


    Over 500 Fairfax County Democratic Committee members and their guests turned out Friday evening to give Karen Keys-Gamarra the Democratic Party endorsement for At-Large School Board. A special election will be held August 29th to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Jeanette Hough.

    Fairfax County Democratic Chair Sue Langley congratulated Ms. Keys-Gamarra saying she “is eminently qualified to represent us on the School Board. Her professional experience as an attorney advocating for children, and her service as a member of the County Planning Commission where she is on the Schools Committee, both provide her with a deep understanding of Fairfax County Public School policies.

    Chair Langley also commented on the other candidates that sought the endorsement. “I would like to thank George Becerra, Marianna Du Bosq, Shaista Keating, Stacia Keel, Michele Menapace and Abrar Omeish for stepping up and contributing greatly to the conversation about improving Fairfax County Public Schools.”

    Ms. Langley went on to say “While Karen Keys-Gamarra is an excellent choice for August 29th, the Republican endorsee could not hold a candle to any of our candidates. He has no experience in education issues. In contrast to Ms. Keys-Gamarra, who received the endorsement of the Washington Post in her razor thin loss for School Board in 2015, the Republican nominee was criticized by the same paper in his last run for office as lacking ‘any experience or qualification for the job.’ The paper characterized his ‘grasp of policy and politics’ as ‘tissue-thin.’”