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Statement for Blue Virginia from Karen Keys-Gamarra, Candidate for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) School Board At-Large Seat


by Karen Keys-Gamarra (note by Lowell: I encourage and welcome other Democrats running for the vacant Fairfax County School Board seat to also submit statements for Blue Virginia)

Thank you Blue Virginia and Lowell for the opportunity to post here! I’m Karen Keys-Gamarra and I am seeking the Democratic endorsement for At-Large School Board in Fairfax County.

I am a mother of three sons. Of those three, two have graduated from Fairfax County Public Schools and one is currently attending FCPS. My husband, who is of Bolivian heritage, and I are proud of our children. They have worked extremely hard.

I am a Guardian ad-litem (GAL), which is a child advocate attorney, a volunteer with the NAACP, and a former CASA. In addition, I am a Planning Commissioner. I believe I am in a strong position to win the special election in August. In 2015, I ran for School Board — my first election ever — in the Sully District and came within 1% of winning by garnering 10,000 votes.

I have been battle tested and am ready to fight for our kids. I believe the KEY to success is quality education for all of our children.

I made a short introduction video which you can watch below. Email me at karen4fairfaxkids@gmail.com if you have any questions or I am happy to reply in the comments below. I hope those of you who are members of FCDC will come support me on June 23rd! If you are not a member, you can still help by making calls or sending a contribution. This is going to be a competitive special election and I need your help to win!

  • Karen Keys-Gamarra receives Endorsements From Across the County

    Fairfax, VA: Karen said, “I am extremely honored to receive the endorsement from the people who proudly represent Fairfax County. Thank you so much for endorsing and believing in me.”

    Here is the list endorsers.

    Bettina Lawton
    Hunter Mill District

    Ted Velkoff
    Former, School Board Member At-Large

    Tina Hone
    Former School Board Member At-Large

    Phil Niedzielski-Eichner
    Former School Board Member, Providence

    Kaye Kory
    Delegate, Mason District

    Dave Marsden
    Senator, Braddock District

    Scott Surovell
    Senator, Mt. Vernon District

    Paul Krizek
    Delegate, Mt. Vernon District

    Cathy Hudgins
    Supervisor, Hunter Mill District

    Kathy Smith
    Supervisor, Sully District

    Jim Hart
    Planning Commissioner At-Large

    Ralph Cooper
    Education NAACP and FCDC
    Springfield District

    Owen Shortt
    Past President NAACP

    Julie Strandlie
    Planning Commissoer, Mason District
    PTA President Holmes Middle School

    John Ulfelder
    Planning Commissioner, Dranesville District

    Bob Frye
    Former School Board Member

    Cesar del Aguila
    Former Chair, FCDC
    Dranesville District

    Ginny Peters
    Former, FCDC Chair

    Jennifer Boysco
    Delegate, Dranesville
    “I was proud to run on the same ticket with Karen in 2015. She is a graduate of Emerge, she is a strong advocate for kids and would make an excellent School Board Member.”

    • Fairfax County Public School Board member Dalia Palchik (a supporter of Shaista Keating, along with her fellow Board member Pat Hynes) responds: “Some of @ShaistaKeating’s other enthusiastic endorsers include @EFillerCorn @marcussimon @johnfoustva @GeorgeLBarker @ChapPetersen”

  • Video: Former Fairfax County School Board member Ted Velkoff endorses Karen Keys-Gamarra for at-large seat


  • Video: Endorsements for Karen Keys-Gamarra, including Justin Fairfax and former FCDC chair Ginny Peters