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Video: Corey Stewart Defiant; So Much for VA GOP Unity!


Yeah, so good luck to VA GOP Chair John “Anti-Semitic Joke Dude” Whitbeck – and to corrupt “Enron Ed” Gillespie – in unifying this hot mess of a party. Heh. Also note that Virginia Democratic yesterday last night exceeded Republican turnout by a huge margin (543k to 365k), which to put it mildly does NOT bold well for the Party of Trump (Virginia Affiliate) this November. Sad!

  • From AG Mark Herring re: John Adams:

    To be clear, Republican nominee for Attorney General John Adams has been a white collar criminal defense attorney at McGuireWoods for the last seven years, defending CEOs and corporations accused of breaking the law. He sometimes leaves that out of his bio.

    Here is a link to Mr. Adams’ bio: https://www.mcguirewoods.com/People/A/John-D-Adams.aspx

  • Speaking of unity…from Tom Perriello:

    When we started this campaign five months ago, I promised that we would aspire to change the sense of what is possible in Virginia politics. At the time, few would believe that a candidate could win the nomination standing for a $15 an hour minimum wage, offering two free years of community college, and speaking bluntly about racial inequality and the bigotry of the Trump Administration.

    Last night, that happened right here in Virginia. We may have fallen short of winning the nomination, but the policies and values we cherish won the day. And that is far more important to me than any name on the ballot.

    Success in politics should not be defined by results at the ballot box but rather impacts on the lives of our neighbors, particularly among the most vulnerable. With your tireless efforts, we have amplified voices that too often get left out of our political process – those trying to survive on the margins of poverty, those forced into a school to prison pipeline, or trying to survive under a mountain of student debt. What we’ve achieved together will not be forgotten any time soon. You should be very proud, Lowell.

    Last night, I spoke to Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam and congratulated him on a great victory. He’s a good public servant and a good man, which is why I gave him my unqualified support in the general election. Our party is unified behind a dignity agenda that leaves no race or region behind, while the Republicans were evenly split between neo-confederate sympathizer Corey Stewart and corporate lobbyist Ed Gillespie. It was a stark reminder of why we must all dedicate ourselves to ensuring that Ralph Northam becomes the next Governor of Virginia – and make sure to bring the House of Delegates with him!

    I cannot tell you how moved I was last night by the hundreds who joined us at the State Theater in Falls Church or online, even after the results were in. The mood was of celebration, and the main question I kept hearing was how we keep this fight for justice alive. People were proud to have been part of a genuinely grassroots campaign that, even on election day, was still hosting virtual town halls that reached more than 15,000 Virginians. We did not shy away from a direct message about the racial wealth gap, the economic challenges of monopoly power and automation, and rejuvenating our democracy through 100 percent voter participation. All of our best ideas came from you – and our ability to take them from the margins to the mainstream of Virginia political discourse is your victory.

    This campaign wraps up earlier than we had hoped, but we have made new friends, found new inspirations, and refilled the reservoir of our hopes. It has reminded me never to let anyone tell us that progress is not possible.

    Thanks again for everything you’ve done. I’ll be in touch soon.

    Tom Perriello

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    …does not bode well…