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Video: Arlington Rally of Solidarity for Charlottesville


Great job by Julian Diego Lopez-Leyva, Justin Wu and the others who organized this afternoon’s Rally of Solidarity for Charlottesville, which was very well attended (150 or so, I’d estimate), in just a few hours (only piece of advice: next time bring a bullhorn for people to use). See below for videos from the event, and also the event’s scheduled speakers (note: Del. Patrick Hope of Arlington also spoke). As the event’s Facebook page described the purpose: “The events in Charlottesville, VA last night were a mortifying testament to all that has come undone in the fight for social unity and American indivision.  We as Arlingtonians, Northern Virginians, and Americans are organizing to actively condemn bigotry and racial hatred through a series of speeches, songs, actions, and a moment of silence. Virginia is stronger than this, and with that, so is our United States of America.”

Julian Diego Lopez-Leyva kicks off rally with his poem

Moment of silence for those lost and injured yesterday in Charlottesville.

Powerful speech by activist Gayle Fleming: white people need to be part of the solution; everyone needs to talk to friends, family who voted for Trump — even if it’s painful — before the entire nation “fractures irreparably”; “the ball is in your court, minorities and marginalized people cannot do this without the active participation of the majority”

Arlington Poet Laureate, Farmville native read poems

Arlington County Board Vice Chair Katie Cristol speaks out against “these fascists, these Nazis, these alt-right terrorists” and FOR solidarity with Charlottesville

Del. Rip Sullivan (D-McLean/Arlington) talks about welcoming his new granddaughter into the world, resolves that she will be the last generation of Americans to have to deal with the type of hatred we saw this weekend in Cville.

Del. Mark Keam (D-Vienna/Fairfax) asks, “what are they so afraid of?”

Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) suggests discussing getting rid of all Confederate names, including Lee Highway, Jefferson Davis Highway, Washington-Lee High School

UVA Law School Graduate Sam Shirazi talks about history of desegregation in Charlottesville, says “it wasn’t an accident that they picked Charlottesville,” “no act of violence…can ever destroy the spirit of Charlottesville”

Immigrant Community Activist Adnan Bokari Speaks at Arlington Rally

2nd Year UVA Student Hannah talks about “living nightmare”

Official Order of Events:
1:00 pm – 1:15 pm: Introductory speech
1:25: Moment of silence for those lost and injured
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Public speeches/performances
Katherine Young – Reciting relevant poetry (10 minutes)
Sam Shirazi – Charlottesville native speech (5 minutes)
Gayle Fleming – Longtime activist speech (10 minutes)
Adnan Bokari – Speaking as immigrant community activist (5 minutes)
VC of the Arlington County Board, Katie Cristol (10 minutes)
Delagate Rip Sullivan (5 minutes)
Delagate Mark Keam (5 minutes)
Kavsar Kurash – A Change is Gonna Come (5 minutes)
[There may be time for additional speakers]
2:30 pm – 4:00 pm: Public dialogue and dismissal

  • Sam Shirazi

    Thanks for covering the event and the organizer for putting it on. I think it was important to have Arlington’s voice heard standing up against hate in Virginia. I’m also honored that I was able to contribute my speech about Charlottesville.

    • Yes, excellent job – very powerful and informative as well. Thanks!

      • Sam Shirazi


        • I’m also amazed at how quickly this was pulled together, and how well done it was (other than having a bullhorn or microphone). Really impressive.

          • Sam Shirazi

            Yes the organizer did a great job and it was a great turnout. I know there are also rallies in DC, but I thought it was important for Arlington to add its voice as one of the most progressive parts of Virginia.

          • Absolutely important for Virginians to stand up and speak out, given that the neo-Nazis and other assorted thugs “rallied” in Virginia…

  • CCAN Statement on Charlottesville Violence

    Statement from Mike Tidwell, executive director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), following the unspeakable acts of violence and hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday August 12th. Hundreds of white supremacists — brandishing clubs, guns, and Confederate flags — clashed with counter protesters, resulting in three dead and dozens injured.


    “No words can describe the shock and revulsion felt by Americans nationwide after the events in Charlottesville Saturday. But for those of us who work daily for positive social change in Virginia, the sorrow is still deeper. We at CCAN pray for the families of the deceased and injured. We pray for the law enforcement authorities whose job it is to protect citizens and the city in the difficult days ahead. We condemn utterly the forces of intolerance, hate, terror, and white supremacy that triggered these events on Saturday. We cannot build a truly just society in this country without first building and protecting a system of justice for ALL Americans. We certainly cannot hope for lasting environmental justice without first guaranteeing social and political justice for everyone. Wherever you are, in Virginia or nationwide, we urge you to raise your voice in the wake of this incident. Join a vigil of solidarity near you or plan a vigil where you live. And for those of us in the environmental community, we must continue to seek greater inclusion and diversify in our movement. To fully participate in the healing and understanding and reconciliation ahead, we must continue to actively diversity our own staffs and our boards and to deepen our daily commitment to all communities struggling to throw off the yoke of political oppression and intimidation. No balance – ecological or otherwise – can happen unless we all stand on the scales of justice.”

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  • Celebrating unity, peace, and reconciliation in downtown Richmond: https://t.co/niTID6gvBe— Terry McAuliffe (@GovernorVA) August 13, 2017