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Video: Superb Response to Charlottesville by VA-01 Dem Candidate Edwin Santana


Yesterday and this morning, I watched Virginia political leaders respond in various ways to the situation in Charlottesville. At least one of those leaders, Tom Perriello, put his body on the line (note that he was pepper sprayed and spat upon by a neo-Nazi), while providing a stream of photos and updates about what was unfolding throughout the day, plus spot-on commentary and observations about what it all meant. Thank you so much for that!

I also saw other Virginia political leaders (e.g., Mark Herring, who tweeted a response to the imbecile in the White House: “The violence, chaos, and apparent loss of life in Charlottesville is not the fault of ‘many sides.’ It is racists and white supremacists.”) really rise to the occasion, while some – Republican Corey Stewart, following in the footsteps of his hero, Donald Trump, being the prime example – lived down to the lowest expectations and totally disgraced themselves. Then there were Virginia Democratic candidates for Congress in 2018, a bunch of whom – Dan Helmer, Jennifer Wexton, RD Huffstettler, Eileen Bedell, Ryan Sawyers, Vangie Williams, Lindsey Stover, Abigail Spanberger, Janelle Noble, Andrew Sneathern, etc. – weighed in with their thoughts, statements, prayers, etc.

One of those statements that really jumped out at me was the following one, by VA-01 Democratic candidate Edwin Santana, which I thought really nailed it: 1) sending condolences to the victims in Charlottesville and in the helicopter crash, plus thanks to law enforcement who are “putting their bodies on the line to help protect people and keep them safe”; 2) discussing how the election of Barack Obama did NOT lead to a “post-racial America,” with “the rise of the rise of the racist Donald Trump-led ‘birther’ movement and an organized attempt to besmirch and undermine Barack Obama at every turn”; 3) analyzing why race relations were so bad at the end of Obama’s administration, particularly “images of domestic terrorists such as Dylan Roof being apprehended, fed, and then ushered into a police station alive after massacring nine innocent civilians, black church goers, contrasted sharply with the images of Eric Garner being choked to death for being in possession of contraband cigarettes”; 4) calling out Donald Trump explicitly – not beating around the bush in any way – for having “used the burgeoning racist and white supremacist movement as a vehicle to carry him to the presidency”; 5) asserting that he “outright reject[s]” the notions that the Confederate flag is about “states rights” and the “heritage of the people who fought for what they believe in”; 6) to the contrary, pointing out that that flag, the statues of Confederate generals and the people “marching at night with torches reminiscent of a Klan rally” represent “hatred, racism and most importantly, white supremacy”; 7) wholeheartedly rejecting those who “wish to divide and marginalize along lines of race” and a vow to “stand and fight against it every day”; 8) declaring that “if your flag and the Nazi flag are interchangeable, there’s a massive issue with what you choose to represent, and it must be addressed”; and 9) applauding those “putting themselves in harm’s way to stand against the domestic terrorism and applaud their peaceful efforts to make it known that racism, bigotry and white supremacy are antithetical to the values of what it means to be a Virginian but mostly an American.”

Is that basically the perfect statement on the events in Charlottesville yesterday, or what? Great job by Edwin Santana – a candidate to keep an eye on as we move into 2018. Thank you!

  • Watsonll45

    GOP AG candidate Adams has been using a picture of Stonewall Jackson’s statue on his twitter banner page for some time. It remains up this morning in light of uestserday’s tragedy. Is someone going to call him out on this?

  • Excellent response by 5th CD Dem candidate Andrew Sneathern https://www.facebook.com/SneathernForThe5th/posts/1121982341265401):

    My entire professional career has been an effort to find the right words. In seeking justice for my clients, words were the most powerful arrows in my quiver. For better or worse, I have found the use of language a refuge. A place where I could go to move a person’s heart to the benefit of another. And yet, today, I find that I have been abandoned in this capacity.

    I was there earlier this year to see with my own eyes the KKK rally. I hadn’t planned on going but I was drawn to see for myself the faces of others who register their hate for another so openly. And I was there again today to bear witness to a hate that I simply struggle to comprehend.

    I stood and looked at the faces of people who had such disdain for others as to not even see them as human. The putrid smell of chemical agent paled in comparison to the feelings I had for these invaders of my home. I stood on the corner where a young woman lost her life to this hate. I looked at the helicopter that hovered overhead for most of the day and I wonder now if they are the officers that lost their lives today.

    Since coming home, my emotions have run the gamut but the most pressing is rage. I find it difficult to suppress. And then I think of all those people who have come before me who have had no choice but to suffer unspeakable indignities because of the color of their skin. Or because of their religion. Not just the overt atrocities but the minor indignities that must be endured every single day and to this very day. I can not possibly imagine the weight of the rage that I would feel. And what if it were my children. My sweet boys, whom I love more than life, that had to suffer. I simply could not bear it up and it crushes my soul today to know that other parents must.

    Last night I read from King Solomon’s Proverbs to the Hebrew’s. Chapter 10 Verse 12 says “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs”

    I cannot argue with the first part of this verse. But may God forgive me, because tonight I lack any understanding of how love can cover these wrongs.

    Today my home, the only hometown my kids will ever know, was attacked by hate. Right now, I am having a very hard time not hating in return. If you are inclined to pray, please pray for love. If you are more inclined to act…love.

  • Elizabeth

    This is the truth we need to hear from our leaders. No need for niceties, call it what it is. So thankful to have this man running for Congress.

  • National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on #Charlottesville: "Of course it was terrorism." #MTP pic.twitter.com/Z27qIN4u1A— Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) August 13, 2017

  • Governor addressing Mt Zion 1st African Baptist Church at Sunday service: https://t.co/YiTmSsEYFC— Terry McAuliffe (@GovernorVA) August 13, 2017

  • House Dems Statement on Violence in Charlottesville

    RICHMOND, Va. – House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring today issued the following joint statement on yesterday’s violence in Charlottesville:

    “We are sickened and saddened by the actions of thousands of white supremacists yesterday in Charlottesville. Their actions, driven by hate, represent an assault on American values that we hold dear. We grieve for the families of Heather Heyer, killed in an apparent act of domestic terrorism, and Virginia State Police Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates, who were just doing their jobs in trying to keep us safe. We thank the hundreds of state and local police, medics, emergency personnel, and clergy who struggled mightily on our behalf in response to this crisis. All of our elected leaders, including our President, must condemn white supremacy and domestic terrorism in the strongest possible terms. As we mourn today for those killed, we resolve to honor their legacies by rededicating ourselves to the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. We urge every Virginia to fight darkness with light, and to find the courage to call out hate when you see it, no matter how polished or disguised.”

  • Joe Mancini

    As a VA-01 voter, I was already impressed by Mr. Santana. This gives me hope.