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Rep. Barbara Comstock Refuses to Support Bipartisan Dream Act [VIDEO]


by Dump Comstock

Comstock Refuses to Support Bipartisan Dream Act [VIDEO]

Barbara Comstock has a well-earned reputation for refusing to announce her position on the issues. Her four sentence press release on DACA is no exception – especially when you consider that one of those sentences says only that “We know our immigration system is broken.”

Fortunately, the good folks at United We Dream caught up with her and asked her some questions on camera. They published their original video on Twitter last week, but it was a bit under the radar. We’ve decided to republish it after we also added some subtitles to make it easier to follow.

In less than two minutes Barbara Comstock manages to:

  • Pretend she is interested in a bipartisan solution
  • Tell a pleading mother that she needs to take her concerns to Don Beyer
  • Blame Obama
  • Pretend that she is concerned that DREAMers have to fill out too much paperwork
  • Avoid answering a direct question about whether she supports the DREAM Act
  • Lash out at immigrants and ask them what side they are on
  • Claim she needs to see the language for a bill that was introduced back in July

Apparently only highly paid lobbyists are allowed to plead their case to Barbara Comstock. Comstock’s claim that she is working on a bipartisan solution is utter nonsense. The DREAM Act is already a bipartisan bill and it’s been around long before Comstock came to Congress.

Possibly the most absurd part of this video is when she tries to convince an immigrant mother that getting rid of DACA is a good thing. You see, under mean old President Obama, her children are allowed to stay in the country, but they have to file paperwork every year! Now they can just be rounded up by ICE and sent off to a foreign country. No paperwork!

Comstock is talking a good game, but as usual, her record tells another story:

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