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Great Live Tweeting by WTOP’s Max Smith of Virginia State Board of Elections Meeting; HD88, HD28 Not Certified (“Hanging Chad” Territory Ahead?); HD40, HD94 Proceed to Recounts


Great coverage by WTOP’s Max Smith of the State Board of Elections meeting this morning. See some of his tweets, below. For more on the situation in HD-28, see my post here. As for HD-40 and HD-94, those currently stand (pending recounts) at Del. Tim Hugo (R) 15,110-Donte Tanner (D) 15,004; and Del. David Yancey (R) 11,601-Shelly Simonds (D) 11,591. The latter contest is most likely to “flip” to a Democratic win (and a possible 50-50 ties in the Virginia House of Delegates), since it’s within just 10 votes, but we’ll need to wait and see…

P.S. I’m told that a “contest” of an election only can happen after a recount. Ultimately, a “contest” apparently is decided by the House of Delegates, which until January 2018 remains 66-34 Republican. Hmmm….

P.S. Also check out these tweets by the AP’s Alan Suderman.

  • From the VA House Dem Caucus:

    Statement on State Board of Elections’ Decision Not to Certify Election Results in HD-28 and HD-88

    The Virginia House Democratic Caucus issued the following statement today following the State Board of Elections’ decision not to certify election results in HD-28 and HD-88:

    “The State Board of Elections today acknowledged that at least 83 people were given wrong ballots and thus disenfranchised from voting in their appropriate house district. The State Board of Elections made a judicious decision by delaying certification. We are currently assessing our legal options and will release another statement should we take further action.”