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~200 Virginians March for Electoral Justice


From Virginians for Electoral Justice:

This afternoon, close to 200 Virginians of various backgrounds and political affiliations came together to demonstrate in favor of Electoral Justice. Far too often in the past, issues with our electoral process have been swept under the rug and forgotten about. Not this time.

Kenny A. Boddye, D.D. Lecky (one of the voters from House District 28 who was given the wrong ballot on Election Day, Shelly Simonds and Rev. Joshua Cole addressed the assembled crowd to stress the need for everyday Virginians to demand action from the General Assembly. The message was simply, audit, fund, and fix Virginia elections, and make it easier for Virginians to vote.

The group then marched to James Monroe High School and attended an event being held there in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. It’s time that Richmond was held accountable for upholding the integrity of our elections.

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  • James McCarthy

    The Electoral College deformation within the Constitution is another matter of election integrity. Both Gore and Clinton won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College. In 2016 the Republican garnered about 196,000 more popular votes in 4 states awarding 75 electoral votes the margin of victory. Nationally, the Democrat won 2.8 million more popular votes. Each of VA’s electors equals over 600K population while that of WY and 4 other states equals about 250K. Thus, one person one vote is 3 times greater in some less populous states. Support HB 99.