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The Profound Hypocrisy of the Republicans Depicted by Paul Krugman in Five Brief Tweets


Paul Krugman has hit the ball out of the park, as he sometimes does. As he is using the medium of the Tweet, his statement has a lapidary, gem-like quality. 

I’d been hatching in my mind a piece that would expose these dimensions of the extraordinary hypocrisy of today’s Republicans. (This convergence of thought probably has occurred because some of the news of recent weeks has made the phoniness of “Republican values” more blatant than usual.)

But now I see that Krugman has laid it all out beautifully in these  five Tweets .


One key lesson of 2017 was that everything liberals have said about right-wing hypocrisy was true — in fact understated 1/

The religious right claimed to care about moral values, but is fine with a guy who cheats on his third wife with a porn star; it was never about morality, it was about patriarchal privilege 2/

The flag-waving super-patriotic right is fine with people who colluded with Russia, and in fact is eager to help in the coverup, because it was never about patriotism, just about power 3/

The economic right is fine with policies that actively discriminate against clean energy in favor of coal, because it was never about free markets, it was about rewarding special interests 4/

And of course the law-and-order right is fine with demonizing and trying to destroy the careers of dedicated law enforcement officials if the pursuit of justice happens to threaten Republicans 5/

  • TheVirginia

    Everything Krugman points out about Republican hypocrisy is true and infuriating. But last night on CNN, I think Jayzee hit on the problem with the left. For being the supposed tolerant party, there are those among us who demand swift and thorough retribution. If someone makes one mistake, the left banishes them to the far reaches of the universe.Jayzee referenced the old basketbal team owner who made racist comments and was forced to lose his team. THere are numerous examples of this sort of scalp taking by the left. He said this sort of extreme punishment pushed racism underground until it festered into a superbug Trump. The #metoo movement is doing the same. Al Franken, maybe the best senator we had, thrown out for dubious allegations. Yes, the Republicans are horrible hypocrites but we Democrats have our own issues.

    • RobertColgan

      There is enough hypocrisy on both sides to fill that large moral vacuum which now passes as ‘ethics’ in the political jungle.
      All you have to do is re-visit the Congressional votes to go to war after 9/11 to realize how perverse the USA governing bodies have become:
      only ONE person, Rep Barbara Lee from CA, questioned and openly opposed by her Nay vote whether it was a truly weighed and rational decision….only ONE out of 435 had enough sense, and morality, to request further debate on the future cost of militarism which would destabilize the Mideast and create enemies lasting for decades.

      The need for the MeToo movement is one so long overdue—–like an earthquake far stronger than if building tension had been reduced by smaller shifts over the years —- that there is bound to be some excess, and collateral damage. It’s just the way it goes. When dams break, the flood is wild and unruly.

      But the NEED for women to gain a full voice in governance….and to become more emboldened and empowered to have that voice HEARD by the ruling patriarchy by whatever serves to motivate their participation cannot be overstated.
      There cannot be true social reform when greater than 1/2 of the demographic has less than 1/5 of the say in decisions that affect everyone.
      This new assertiveness of women needs to happen and needs to continue to happen, imo.

  • RobertColgan

    It’s not easy to simplistically corral authoritarian hypocrisy when so much of the governing rhetoric limns a very different agenda (as in Trump’s Davos remarks) but
    I thought I pretty much capsuled it when I said there are three basic tenets governing “conservative” RepublicanThink:

    Republicans wear constrictive blinders in their closed-minded assessments of women’s issues, race issues, poverty issues, health issues, parenting issues, housing issues, food issues, energy issues ——- all social issues, ultimately all governance issues: for them, it is ALWAYS about

    1) maintaining control over women and minorities
    2) keeping profits intact for profiteers whatever the social penalties
    3) thwarting social progress to keep power intact for those who “deserve” to have it:
    the wealthy, the white, mostly males.

    Singly or coupled, permutations of the above tenets apply in almost every decision, every thought issuing from the hard conservatives—–and often affects others who seek to reach a more “reasonable” outcome from compromise (you listening, Kaine and Warner?) and it strikes me that a very useful applique to sticky decisions might be whether that decision satisfies any of those tenets—-in which case, it should be an easy rejection for anyone seeking a more egalitarian system.

  • TheVirginia

    Women need to gain a voice,and by using the voice,they throw off the shackles of being the “weaker sex.” Mothers and fathers must tell daughters to speak their mind, say what you want and scream bloody murder when you’re being violated. What women can not do is go home, think about what happened, talk to a couple of friends about it, regret how they reacted in the situation, and THEN scream bloody murder. NO ONE GETS TO DO THAT.