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Video: Virginia Senate Republicans Kill Bill Banning Discredited, Harmful Gay “Conversion Therapy” for Kids


Check out the video, below, as Virginia Senate Republicans kill Sen. Scott Surovell’s SB 245 (“Prohibits any health care provider or person who performs counseling as part of his training for any profession licensed by a regulatory board of the Department of Health Professions from engaging in conversion therapy with any person under 18 years of age.”) on their usual party-line vote. So…yeah, Virginia Republicans apparently are cool with something opposed by the American Psychiatric Association and other groups of psychologists, social workers, etc. because, among other reasons, “conversion therapy” is “based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based upon the a priori assumption that the patient should change his/her sexual homosexual orientation.” Also see here for a statement by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (“such efforts may encourage family rejection and undermine self-esteem, connectedness and caring, important protective factors against suicidal ideation and attempts. Given that there is no evidence that efforts to alter sexual orientation are effective, beneficial or necessary, and the possibility that they carry the risk of significant harm, such interventions are contraindicated”), the American Academy of Pediatrics (“Therapy directed at specifically changing sexual orientation is contraindicated, since it can provoke guilt and anxiety while having little or no potential for achieving changes in orientation.”), etc, etc. In short, gay “conversion therapy” is harmful quackery and absolutely should be outlawed for children. But not according to Virginia Republicans, all of whom need to be voted out of office at the next possible opportunity…

  • RobertColgan

    Why would they kill such legislation????????????????
    What do they have to gain from it??????? (besides curried favor from/among homophobic evangelicals, that is)
    Who are they protecting? (besides homophobic evangelicals seeking heterosexual outcomes from indoctrination brainwashing)
    And, Where in the Bible does it describe ambiguous gender identification as a moral issue worthy social punishment??

    I thoroughly hate religious bigotry. . . . .It’s the antithesis of grace.

    • a) some of them (e.g., Dick Black) are anti-LGBT bigots through and through
      b) some of the aren’t, but are terrified of being primaried from their even-further-right
      c) apparently they are assuming 2019 will be a low-turnout election year dominated by right-wingnuts (we’d better prove them wrong on that!)

  • And more great bills killed by Virginia Republicans:

    Senate Committee Defeats Three Reproductive Health Bills after Limited Testimony

    Despite clear mandate on election day, anti-choice forces stick to partisan politics in first week of hearings

    Richmond, Va. – Today the Senate Education and Health Committee rejected three proactive reproductive health bills. The committee voted to pass over the bills indefinitely, each by 8-7 along party lines.

    The bills – SB 133 to repeal medically-unnecessary consent procedures like mandatory waiting periods and the reading of medically-inaccurate state-written materials before a woman can access an abortion, SB 292 to remove the requirement that a survivor of rape or incest seeking abortion care through public insurance such as Medicaid must file a police report before accessing the funding, and SB 201 to repeal the onerous, medically-unnecessary targeted regulations on abortion providers – were all voted down after almost three dozen impacted women and medical professionals were given just seven minutes to present their views and expertise on the bills.

    Leaders of the Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition gave the following statements:

    “I’m incredibly disappointed by the committee’s vote today. Voters sent a clear mandate on Election Day when they decimated the anti-choice hold in the House and rejected fringe fanaticism in races up and down the ballot. But today, eight members of the Ed & Health Committee chose to ignore that mandate when they rejected these three proactive measures in favor of maintaining unconstitutional abortion restrictions.”
    -Tarina Keene, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.

    “Women have the right to choose how and when to start a family, and in November, Virginians voted overwhelmingly for candidates that support women’s health and access to abortion. By killing all of these bills, conservatives are clinging to unconstitutional restrictions on women’s rights and telling voters loud and clear that they don’t care what they think.”
    -Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia

    “Some politicians in the General Assembly insist on clinging to unconstitutional abortion restrictions, despite a mandate from Virginia voters demanding increased access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare—including abortion care. Today’s actions put the Commonwealth at risk of having to defend medically unnecessary and biased abortion restrictions against expensive litigation. That is not what Virginians asked of their elected officials in November.”
    -Gail Deady, The Secular Society Women’s Rights Advocacy Counsel for the ACLU of Virginia

    “We are frustrated that some legislators continue to ignore a person’s constitutional right to a safe, legal abortion in Virginia. Politicians have no business obstructing personal medical decisions. We will not rest until every unconstitutional abortion restriction is prohibited in Virginia law.”
    -Jennifer Allen, CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia.

    “Last November, activists across the Commonwealth prioritized health, dignity and justice at the polls and people of color voters played a huge role in ushering in elected officials who prioritized those same values. Which is why it’s disappointing to see out of touch legislators ignoring the mandate of the people by stubbornly clinging to unconstitutional restrictions on reproductive healthcare, which includes access to abortion. We’ll continue fighting against any and all restrictions on health, dignity and justice for the women of Virginia.”
    -Margie Del Castillo, Director of Field and Advocacy with the NLIRH Virginia Latina Advocacy Network

  • BTW, craziest comments I’ve heard today in the Virginia General Assembly might actually go to a Democrat – Sen.. Chap Petersen. What the ever-loving f*** is Chap blabbering about? Has he completely lost his mind?

    Chap: “I’m not a psychologist and I don’t play one on TV, but let’s say a
    teenager comes into my office and that person is what we would call in a
    different era promiscuous with somebody of the opposite sex and you say as a
    psychologist you know you should stop having sex with that person of the
    opposite sex? That’s clearly not covered by this, because you’re not reducing
    their urging towards a member of the opposite sex. Now what if they come in the same
    situation they’re having sex with somebody of the same sex and now you say you should stop having that relationship, are they now in violation of the statute?…But it says ‘or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings,’ I mean that’s ‘or’… I don’t support conversion therapy but this bill’s pretty broad and you know if you counsel someone towards abstinence, I mean unless it’s abstinence in a heterosexual relationship in which case you’re not covered… I don’t want to beat a dead horse
    but listen I know that these are social issues and you’re just supposed to vote not actually read the legislation. But if you read the legislation I mean is abstinence covered by this or not?”

    • Anthony Shifflett

      Look – this is going to happen until control flips. Sooner if Trump stays in power, later if he’s removed and replaced by Pence.

      I think we may be stuck with Trump.

  • JoAnne Norton

    Dick Black is quoting someone who has publicly apologized for his wrong studies on conversion therapy In 2012.

    • Dick Black is: a) completely bonkers; b) a fanatic anti-LGBT bigot.

  • Full video of Virginia Senate Republicans killing a bill banning discredited, harmful gay “conversion therapy” for kids